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Question From class 14 Chapter Area

Area related to a square or rectangular room/hall

A rectangular room can be partitioned into two equal square rooms by a partition 7 metres long. What is the area of the rectangular room in square metres? (a) 49          (b) 147        (c) 196         (d) None of these
Problems related to combinations of figures (circle+rectangle/square/triangle or rectangle/square+triangle)
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The area of a square field is 5184 A rectangular field, whose length is twice its breadth has its breadth has its permeter equal to the perimeter of the square field. Find the area of the rectangular field.
A rectangular hall is 18 m 72 cm long and 13 m 20 cm broad. It can be paved with square tiles of the same size.Find the least possible number of such tiles.
Problems related to combinations of figures (semi-circle+rectangle/square/triangle)
Perimeter of a rectangular field 50 m. long and 30m. broad is equal to the perimeter of a square field. Find the area of the square field.
It is required to construct a big rectangular hall to accommodate 500 persons, allowing 22.5 m3 space per person. The height of the hall is to be kept at 7.5 m, while the total inner surface area of the walls must be 1200 sq. m. Then the length and breadth of the hall respectively are (a) 40 m and 30 m        (b) 45 m and 35 m (c) 50 m and 30 m         (d) 60 m and 20 m
Find the length of side of a square playground whose area is equal to the area of a rectangular field of dimensions 72 m and 338 m.
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The area of a square park is the same as of a rectangular park. If the side of the square park is 60 m and the length of the rectangular park is 90 m, find the breadth of the rectangular park.
Height of a square room is 3m. The area of its four walls is Find the area of its floor.
The floor of a rectangular hall has a perimeter If the cost of painting the four walls at the rate of is Find the height of the hall.
A room is 4 m long and 3 m 50 cm wide. How many square metres of carpet is needed to cover the floor of the room?
The floor of a rectangular hall has a perimeter of Its height is Find the cost of painting its four walls (including doors, etc.) at the rate of

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Sum of angles of a triangle

Sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.

Pythagoras theorem

Line joining the mid-point of a side of a triangle to opposite vertex is Median

Point where three medians of a triangle meet.

Centroid divides each median in ratio 2:1.

The altitude from the vertex bisect the base in an isosceles triangle

Median divides a triangle into two triangles of the same area

The line joining the midpoints of any two sides of a triangle is parallel to 3rd side and equal to half of it

The four triangles formed by joining the midpoints of the sides of a given triangle are equal in area: each equal to one-fourth of given triangle.

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