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Question From class 7 Chapter Rational Numbers

A varies directly with B when C is constant and inversly with C when B is constant . A=6, when B=2 and C=3. What is the value of A, when B=3 and C=18?

A varies directly with B when C is constant and inversely with C when B is constant. A=6, when B= 2 and C = 3. What is the value of A, when B=3 and C= 18?
Given that a varies directly with the cube of b. When a is 3,b is also 3. find b when a is 24.
A varies inversely as the square of B and A is 1, when B is 3. What is the value of B, when A is 3?
Find the value of when and
An organic compound 'A' having molecular formula gives a characteristic colour with aqueous solution. When 'A' is treated with and NaOH at 400K under pressure. 'B' is obtained. B on acidification gives C when C treated with gives a popular pain killer D. Deduce the strucutrues of A,B,C and D.
Divide Rs. 6450 among A, B, C and D such that when A gets Rs. 9, B gets Rs. 8; when B gets Rs. 6, C gets Rs. 5 and when C gets Rs 4, D gets Rs. 3.
For the chemical reaction <br> , <br> The rate of reaction is doubled when the concentration of was doubled, and when the concentration of both and were doubled the rate becomes doubled and when the concentration of both and were doubled the rate becomes quardrupled. What is order with respect , and and total order?
Three persons A, B, C are moving along a straight line as shown with constant and different speeds. When B catches C, the seperation between A & C becomes 4d, then the speed of B is <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BSL_XI_RT_P3_E01_132_Q01.png" width="80%">
FInd when where are distinct numbers and
The temperature of equal masses of three different liquids , and are and respectively. The temperature when and are mixed is and when and are mixed. It is . What will be the temperature when and are mixed?
The temperature of equal masses of three different liquids A,B and C are respectively. The temperature when A and B are mixed is and when B and C are mixed it is . What should be the temperature when A and C are mixed?
Find the value of when
The temperatures of equal masses of three different liquids A, B and C are , and , respectively. When A and B are mixed their equilibrium temperature is . When B and C are mixed, it is .What will be the equilibrium temperature when liquids A and C are mixed
यदि हो तब ज्ञात करे।
Given is a quadratic polynomial in x and leaves remainders 6 , 11 and 18 , respectively, when divided by . Find the value of a + b + c.

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Comparison by difference

Comparison by division

RATIO: The ratio of two quantities of the same kind and in the units is a fraction that shows how many times the one quantity is of the other.

RATIO IN THE SIMPLEST FORM: A ratio is said to be in the simplest form if its antecedent a and consequent b have no common factor other than 1.

Equivalent ratios

PROPORTION: An equality of two ratios is called a proportion.

CONTINUED PROPORTION: Three numbers are said to be in continued proportion if are in proportion.

MEAN PROPORTIONAL: If are in continued proportion then b is called the mean proportional between .