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Question From class 14 Chapter RACES AND GAMES OF SKILL

A team played 40 games in a season and won in 24 of them. What percent of games played did the team win? (a) 70%       (b) 40%       (c) 60%        (d) 35%

In a certain month a baseball team that played 60 games had won 30% of its games played. After a phenomenal winning streak this team raised its average to 50%. How many games must the team have won in a row to attain this average? b. c. d.
A football team won 10 games from the total they played. This was 40% of the total. How many games were played in all?
?? ??? ?? ???? ??? 40 ??? ????? ?? ?? 24 ??? ??? ????? ???? ??, ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ?
?? ??????? ??????? ??? ?? , ?? ???? ??? 20 ??? ???? ? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? 25 % ??? ???? ? ???? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ?
A local cricket team played 20 matches in one season. It won 25% of them. How many matches did they win?
Forty team play a tournament. Each team plays every other team just once. Each game results in a win for one team. If each team has a 50% chance of winning each game, the probability that he end of the tournament, every team has won a different number of games is (A) (B) (C) (D) none of these
A school team won 6 games this year against 4 games won last year. What is the per cent increase?
In a group of 200 students, 20 played cricket only, 36 played cricket only, 36 plated tennis only, 40 played, hockey only, 8 played cricket and tennis, 20 played cricket and hockey, 28 played hockey and tennis and 80 played hockey. By Venn diagram, find the number of students who <br> (i) played cricket <br> (ii) played tennis <br> (iii) did not played any of the above three games.
In a certain season the Indian cricket team had won 30% of the first 60 matches it had played Find the minimum possible number of additional matches it should play to achieve a success rate of 44% in that season.
Twenty-eight games were played in a football tournament with each team playing once against each other. How many teams were there?
Out of 20 games of chess played between two players A and B. A won 12, B won 4 and 4 ended in a tie. In a tournament of three games find the probability that B wins all three (1a) B wins at least one (ii) two games end in a tie
In a tournament a player has a record of 40% wins out of the number of games he had played so far which in turn is of the total number of games he plays. What is the maximum percentage of the remaining games that the player can lose and still win 50% of all the games played?
Of the 50 researchers in a workgroup, 40% will be assigned to Team A and the remaining 60% to Team B. however 70% of the researchers prefer Team A and 30% prefer team B. what is the least possible number of researchers who will not be assigned to the team they prefer? b. c. d.
There were two women participating in a chess tournament. Every participant played two games with the other participants. The number of games that the men played among themselves proved to exceed by 66 number of games that the men played with the women. The number of participants is a. b. c. d. none of these
??? A ?????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ???? ??? ?? : <br> <br> ??? B ?????? ???? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????? 2 ????? ??? ?? ????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?

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Important definition: race: race course: starting point: winning point(goal): winner: dead heat race

In a km race: A beats B by 28m or 7 sec. Then: find As time over the course.

A can run 1 km in 3 min 10 sec and B can cover the same distance in 3 min 20 sec. By what distance can A beat B.

In a 100m race: A beats B by 25m and B beats C by 4m. In the same race: find the distance by which A beats C.

In a 100m race: A runs at 8 km per hour. If A gives B a start of 5m and still beats him by 15 seconds: what is Bs speed.

A: B and C are three contestants in a km race. If A can give B a start of 40m and A can give C a start of 64m: how many metres start can B give C.

In a 100m race for children: A runs at 1.66 m/s. If A gives B a start of 4m and still beats him by 12 sec: what is Bs speed

In a game of 80 points: A can give B 5 points and C 15 points. How many points B can give C in a game of 60.

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