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A teacher has 45 chocolates. After giving chocolates to each students, she is left with 7 chocolates. How many students are there in the class ?

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A teacher has 45 chocolates. After giving two chocolates to each student, she is left with 7 chocolates. How many students are there in the class ?
A teacher wanted to distribute 2025 chocolates equally among x number of students . If each students gas x chocolates, find x.
Reena bought chocolates to distribute among her friends on her 18th birthday. If she gives 3 chocolates to each friend, one friend will get only 2 chocolates. Also, if she gives 2 chocolates to each friend, she will be left with 15 chocolates. How many chocolates did she buy? (a) 44       (b) 47       (c) 50     (d) None of these
Rani has some chocolates with her. If she gives of the chocolates to her brother and of total chocolates to her sister, then she is left with 20 chocolates. Find the number of chocolates tht Rani had initially.
There are some chocolates with Tom and Jerry. If Tom gives certain number of chocolates to Jerry, then the number of chocolates with them will be interchanged. Instead, if Jerry gives same number of chocolates to Tom, then the number of chocolates with jerry will be one-fourth of the number of chocolates that Tom has. If the total number of chocolates with them is 100, then find the number of chocolates with Tom
Banti has 50 chocolates with him, he are of those in a weak. Find the number of chocolates left with him.
Ram and Sham are told by their mother to divide 68 chocolates in the ratio 6: 11. How many chocolates do each one of them get?
Joshna and Vijay have some chocolates, The num-ber of chocolates with Joshna is two -third of the number of chocolates with Vijay. If Vijay gives five chocolates to Joshna, then both will have equal number of chocolates. How many chocolates does Joshna have ?
800 चॉकलेट एक कक्षा के विद्याथियों में बांटी गयी। यदि प्रत्येक छात्र को कक्षा में छात्र की संख्या की दोगुनी चॉकलेट मिलती है तो कक्षा में छात्रों की संख्या थी।
There are 6 chocolates of Nestle, 8 of Cadburry, 10 of Perks and 9 of Munch. The number of ways in which a child can buy 7 chocolates, is
Ajay and Vijay have 25 chocolates in total. If Ajay gives 3 chocolates to Vijay, then the number of chocolates with them is in ratio . Find the number of chocolates with Ajay and Vijay respectively.
In a class ,there are 80 students ,The ratio of the number of those who like only chocolates only ice creams ,both of these ,and neither of these is 4:3:2:1.How many like utmost one of the chocolates and ice creams ?
Three persons, A, B and C, have a certainvnumber of chocolates with each of them.The number of chocolates with B is 20% more than that with A, which, in turn, is two-thirds of that with C. If the numberof chocolates with B is less than thetotal number of chocolates with A and C together by x percent, what is the value of x?
How many chocolates will you consume if these are free of cost, to achieve equilibrium
Seven boxes, P,Q,R,S,T,U,V are kept one above the other containing different number of chocolates ranging from 10-90. not more than four boxes are kept above P. two boxes are kept between P and the box containing 41 chocolates, which is kept below box P. S contains thrice number of chocolates than box Q. Box R contains 50 number of chocolates and is not kept at the top . the number. only one box is kept between box containing 41 chocolates and 39 chocolates. box S has less number of chocolates than box P. one of the boxes contain 78 chocolates. five boxes are kept between box containing 64 chocolates and Box R. box V is immediately above box T. box S is not kept immediately above or below box Q. three boxes are kept between box S and box U. box S is above box V. <br> How many chocolates are kept in box T ?

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FAQs on Linear Equations And Inequations


Equation: a statement of equality which contains one or more unknown quality or variable ( literals) is called an equation

Linear Equation: an equation involving only linear polynomials is called a linear equation

Solution: a value of the variable which when substituted for the variable in on equation makes is said to satisfy the equation and is called a solution or a root of the equation .

Solving an equation: solving an equation means determining its roots

Solving equations having variable terms on one side and number(s) on the other side

Transposition method

Solve :

Solve :

Cross-multiplication method for solving equations of the form

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