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Question From class 14 Chapter SIMPLE INTEREST

A sum of 4000 is lent out in two parts, one at 8% simple interest and the other at 10% simple interest. If the annual interest is 352. The sum lent at 8% is(रु 4000 की राशि दो हिस्सों में कर्ज पर दी जाती है एक भाग 8 % साधरणबियाज पर और दुस्सर भाग 10 % साधारण बियाज पर| यदि वार्षिक बियाज रु 352 हो तो बताए कितने राशि 8 सधारा बियाज पर कर्ज दी गई )





Solution :

(c ) Average interest rate is <br> <br> 8.8% <br> <br> (3+2) - 4000 <br> <br> <br>

A sum of Rs 4000 is split into two parts. One part is lent at simple interest and the other at compound interest, interest being compounded annually. At the end of two years, the total amount of interest earned is Rs 1720. Find the sum lent at simple interest, if each part is lent at 20% per annum (in Rs.)
In a certain years, a sum of money is doubled itself at simple interest per annum, then the required time will be(एक निश्तित राशि
A sum of Rs 2500 is split into two parts, one part being lent at simple interest and the other part being lent at compound interest, interest being compounded annually. At the end of two years, the total amount of interest earned on the sum is Rs 201. Find the sum lent at simple interest, if both the part are lent at an interest rate of 4% per annum.
A sum is split into five equal parts. Each part is lent at annual rate of simple interest of 8%, 7%, 5%, 3% and 2%. They are lent for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and 5 years. On how many parts is the simple interest at least of the total interest?
A sum of 10000 is lent partly at 8% and remaining at 10% per annum. If the nearly interest on the average is 9.2% the two parts are:(रु10000 कोई राशि का कुछ भाग 8 % की बियाज दर से तथा शेष भाग 10 % की दर से उधार दिया है यदि उसकी कुल दर सेह उधार दिया है यदि उस्सकी कुल औसत वार्षिक बियाज दर 9 .2 % है तो दोनों भाग होंगे )
A sum of 1550 was lent partly at 5% and partly at 8 % simple interest. The total inerest received after 3 years is 300 The ratio of money lent at 5% to that at 8% is: (रु1550 की धनराशि का कुछ भाग 5 % तथा शेष 8 % की साधारण बियाज दर से दिया ३वर्ष बाद उसे 300 बियाज के रूप में प्राप्त होते है 5 % तथा 8 % पर दी गयी राशि का )अनुपात बताइएः
The difference between compound interest and simple interest on a sum of money lent for 2 years at the rateof is The sum is :
The simple interest on a certain sum of 8 months at 4% per annum is 129 less than thte simple interest on the same sum for 15months at 5% per annum. The sum is:(किसी धनराशि पर 4 % वार्षिक बियाज की दर से 8 मास के साधारण बियाज उसकी धनराशि पर 5 % वार्षिक बियाज ली दर से 15 मास के साधरण बियाज से 129 काम है वह धनराशि है )
A sum is split into two equal parts. One of part is lent at simple interest at 20% per annum for 6 years. The other part is lent at 40% per annum simple interest for 2 years. The difference in the interest is Rs 71. Find the total sum in Rs.
Two equal sum were lent out at 7% and 5% S.I. respectively. The interest earned on the two loans add up to 960 for 4 years. The toal sum lent out is(दो बराबर राशि क्रमश: 7 % और 5 % के साधरण बियाज पर उधार दी गई दोनों ऋणों पर अर्जित बियाज 4 वर्ष में रु 960 जुड़ते है उधार दी गई कुल राशि बताए )
What sum lent out at per annum simple interest would produce Rs 225 as interest in 5 years?
Mohan lent some amount of money at 9% simple interest and an equal amount of money at 10% simple interest each ofr two years. If his total interest was Rs.760, what amount was lent each case? (मोहन कुछ धनराशि को 9 % साधारण बियाज दर से तथा उसी के बराबर राशि को 10 % की साधरण बियाज दर से 2 वर्ष के लिए उधार देता है उसे 760 बियाज के रूप में प्राप्त होते है उधार दी गयी प्रत्येक धनराशि क्या होगी:)
A sum of Rs 50000 is lent ad 8% pa. Find the compound interest at the end of 3 years
Raju borrowed Rs 15,000 from Mahesh at the rate of 15% per annum under simple interest for 3 years. Raju lent some part of money at 20% per annum at simple interest for 3 years and the remaining part at 12% per annum at simple interest for 3 years. If the interest received payable, then find the sum he lent at 20% simple interest?
The children are in the 15th position from the left in a row. If Ramesh, who is 29th from the right, changes his position, then the zodiac becomes 26th from the left row. How many children are there in total?

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