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Question From class 14 Chapter TIME AND DISTANCE

A student walks from his house at a speed of km per hour and reaches his school 6 minutes late. The next day he increases his speed by 1 km per hour and reaches 6 minutes before school time. How far is the school from his house? b. c. d.

यदि एक विद्यार्थी अपने घर से किमी/घंटे कि चाल से स्कूल जाता है तो 6 मिनट कि देरी से पहुँचता है । परन्तु अब वह अपनी चाल 1 किमी/घंटा बढ़ाकर स्कूल जाता है तो 6 मिनट जल्दी स्कूल पहुंच जाता है । घर से स्कूल तक कि दूरी क्या होगी ।
A boy walks from home at 4 kilometers per hour and reaches school 5 minutes late. The next day, he increase his speed by 1 kilometer per hour and reaches minutes early. How far is the school from his home ?
A student goes to school at the rate of km/h and reaches 6 min late. If he travels at the speed of 3km/h he is 10 min early. What is the distance to the school ? a. 5km b. 1 km c. d.
जब एक विद्यार्थी किमी/घंटा चाल से अपने घर से स्कूल जाता है तो 6 मिनट लेट हो जाता है। परन्तु 3 किमी/घंटा से जाने पर वह 10 मिनट जल्दी पहुंच जाता है । उसके घर से स्कूल के बीच की दूरी ( किमी में ) ज्ञात कीजिए ।
एक लड़का अपने घर से सुबह 10 बजे ,12 किमी प्रति घंटा की चाल से चलना प्रारम्भ करता है ।उसका भाई उससे 1 घंटा 15 मिनट बाद स्कूटर से उसी रस्ते पर चलकर अपने छोटे भाई को दोपहर 1:30 बजे पकड़ लेता है । स्कूटर की चाल बताएं ? ( किमी प्रति घंटा में )
?????? ???? ????? ??????? ?? ???,15 ???? 268 ?? ?? ???? ?? ??, 7 ???? 7 ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? 500 m ?? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ????? ?????!
Sahil takes 1 h to travel from his house to a market. If his speed is 1.5 m/s, then how far is the market from his house?
40 किमी प्रति घंटा की चाल से जाने पर एक रेलगाड़ी अपने गंतव्य स्थान पर समय से पहुँच जाती है । परन्तु अगर वह 35 किमी प्रति घंटा की चाल से जाये तो अपने गंतव्य तक पहुंचने में 15 मिनट की देरी हो जाती है । कुल यात्रा की लम्बाई ज्ञात कीजिये ?
A person reaches his destination 40 minutes late if his speed is 3 km/hr and reaches 30 minutes before time if his speed is 4 km/hr. Find the distance of his destination from his starting point.
Akash leaves home for school which is 12 km from his house. After the school, he goes to his club which is 7 km from his school. if his house, school and club all fall in a line, then what is the minimum distance he has to travel to get back home? b. c. d. e.
A student goes to school with a uniform speed of and returns to his home with a speed of , if the student taken 1 hour in all, then find out find distance between the school and the house.
Veckat went to his collage from his house on his car with a unifrom speed of 60 km and returns to his house with a different speed. If the average speed of the car, for whole journey is , then find the speed of his car when it travelled from college to house.
Let Then (a) (b) (d)
Let be nth roots of unity which subtend a right angle at the origin. Then n must be of the form (1) (2) (3) (4)
Two men are running in the same direction with speeds of 6 km per hour and per respectively. A train running in the same direction crosses them in 5 sec and sec respectively. The length and the speed of the train are respectively. 22.92 m (approximately) and 22 km per hour 22 m (approximately) and 22.5 km per hour 22.90 m (approximately) and 20.5 km per hour 22.92 m (approximately) and 22.5 km per hour

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