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Question From class 12 Chapter DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS

A solution curve of the differential equation passes through the point Then the solution curve is

For the differential equation , find the solution curve passing through the point .
Let a curve passes through (3, 2) and satisfied the differential equation (x-1) dx + 4(y -2) dy = 0
A curve satisfies the differential equation and passes through (0, 0)
अवकल समीकरण के लिए बिंदु (1, -1)से गुजरने वाला वक्र ज्ञात कीजिए |
A curve satisfies the differential equation and passes through (1) The equation of the curve is (2) The equation of the curve is (3) is a tangent to curve (4) is a tangent to curve
find the equation of the curve which passes through the point and satisfies the differential equation
The solution of differential equation is
Solution of the differential equation <br> ,is
Find the solution of a curve passing through point (1,1) whose differential equation is.
Equation of curve passing through & satisfyng the differential equation is
Let a curve satisfying the differential equation which passes through (1,1) if the curve also passes through (k,2) then value of k is
A curve passes through (1, 0) and satisfies the differential equation
Find the equation of the curve passing through the point whose differential equation is
A curve passes through and satisfies the differential equation
Verify that is a solution of the differential equation

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