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Question From class 7 Chapter DEFAULT

A shopkeeper buys candles at Rs 13 per dozen and an equal number at Rs 16 per score. He mixed them and sells at the rate of 5 for Rs 11.80. find his gain or loss percent

A vendor buys oranges at Rs 26 per dozen and sells them at 5 for Rs 13. Find his gain percent.
A merchant buys a 50 litre cask of wine for Rs.6250 and sells it at Rs. 130 per litre. His loss or gain percent is :
A shopkeeper buys oranges at 10 for Rs 80 and sells at 8 for Rs 100. Find the gain percent
A shopkeeper buys a toy for Rs. 250 and sells it for Rs. 285. Find his gain and gain percent.
A girl buys lemons at 4 for Rs 3 and sells them at 5 for Rs 4. How much percent loss or gain does she make?
Articles are bought at Rs 45 per dozen and sold at Rs 85 per score.Find gain or loss per cent
A grocer buys eggs at 10 for Rs 8 and sells at 8 for Rs 10. Find his gain or loss percent.
A boy busy 9 apples for Rs 9.60 and sells them at 11 for Rs 12. Find his gain or loss percent.
Chakradhar buys a TV marked at Rs. 14,500 after receiving successive discounts of and paying sales tax. He spends Rs. 2000 on it and sells the TV for Rs. 12,000. Find his gain or loss percent.
A student buys a pen for Rs 90 and sells it for Rs 100. Find his gain and gain percent.
A man has a number of oranges. If he sells them at Rs. 1.25 per 20 oranges, he loses rs. 2.50. if he sells them at Rs. 1.50 per 20 oranges, he gains rs. 5. What is the number of oranges?
A man bought bananas at the rate of 10 for Rs 45 and sold at the rate of one dozen bananas for Rs 51 .Find his gain or loss per cent.
A boy buys 9 apples for Rs 9.60 and sells them at 11 for Rs 12. Find his gain or loss percent.
A man buys 2 dozen bananas at Rs. 16 per dozen. After selling 18 bananas at the rate of Rs. 12 per dozen the shopkeeper reduced the rate to Rs. 4 per dozen. The percent loss is a. b. c. d.
A shopkeeper mixes tow varieties of tea-one costing Rs. 75 per kg and the other costing Rs. 50 per kg in the ratio 3:2. If he sells the mixed variety at Rs. 62.400 per kg, find his gain or loss percent.

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