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Question From class 11 Chapter PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS

A regular polygon of n sides has 170 diagonals. Then n =

If a polygon of n sides has 275 diagonals, then n =
If a regular polygon of sides has circum radius and inradius then each side of polygon is:
No. of diagonals of a polygon are 170. No. of sides in this polygon are:
A regular polygon has N sides where . Each of its interior angles is an integer in degrees. How many such polygons are possible ?
The number of diagonals of a polygon of 20 sides si (A) 25 (B) 150 (C) 170 (D) 210
Find the number of diagonals by joining the vertices of a polygon of n sides.
The number of diagonals of a convex polygon of sides n is equal to . Find the number of diagonals is hexagon.
??? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? 10 ?? ?? ???????? ?? ?????? ?????
For a regular polygon of sides having side length then find area,circumradius,perimeter,inradius
The ratio of the area of a regular polygon of sides inscribed in a circle to that of the polygon of same number of sides circumscribing the same is 3:4. Then the value of is
How many diagonals are there in a polygon of n sides?
In an n-sided regular polygon, each interior angle is . Find the number of the sides of the polygon.
N-sides of a convex polygons and then it has diagonals.
The number of pairs of diagonals of a regular polygon of sides that are parallel are
Find the numbers of diagonals in the polygon of sides.
The exterior angle of a regular polygon is one-third of its interior angle. How many sides has the polygon?
What is a regular polygon? State the name of a regular polygon of (i) 3 sides             (ii)  4 sides             (iii)  6 sides
How many sides has a regular polygon, each angle of which is of measure ?
The interior angle of a regular polygon of n sides is equal to . Find in the given figure, if ABCD is a parallelogram.

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What is factorial Zero Factorial examples

(a)Compute (i) (ii) (b)find n if

fundamental principle of multiplication

fundamental principle of addition

Difference and application of fundamental principals

There are 3 condidates for a Classical; 5 for a Mathematical and 4 for a Natural science scholarship.(i)In how many ways can these scholarship be awarded ? (ii) In how many ways one of these scholarships be awarded?

What is permutation ?

Notation + theorem :- Let r and n be the positive integers such that . Then no. of all permutations of n distinct things taken r at a time is given by

Prove that

The no. of all permutation of n distinct things taken all at a time is

Prove that 0! =1

Prove that the no. of all permutations of n different objects taken r at a time when a particular object is to be always included in each arrangement is

Prove that number of permutations of n distinct objects taken r at a time ; when a particular object is never taken in each arrrangement is

Prove that the no. of permutations of n different objects taken r at a time in which two specified objects always occur together

Prove that the no. of mutually distinguishable permutations of n things ; taken all at a time of which p are alike of one kind; q alike of second kind such that is

Combinations intro & difference between combination and permutation

theorem:- The no. of all combinations of n distinct objects taken r at a time is given by =

Property:- (i) (ii)

Property :- (iii)

Property (iv) If ; then either x=yx=y or x+y=nx+y=n (v) r.nC_r=n. (n-1)C_(r-1)r.nC_r=n. (n-1)C_(r-1)

Property:Product of r consecutive number is divisible by r!

Division of m+n distinct object into two group of size m and n

Division of objects into group of equal size

Distribution of n distinct object in r different boxes (empty box allowed)

Distribution of n distinct object in r different boxes (empty box not allowed)

Distribution of n identical object in r different boxes if empty boxes are not allowed

Distribution of n identical object in r different boxes if empty boxes are allowed

Find No of non negative or Positive integral solution of equation

Case 1 -In how many ways the sum of upper faces of four distinct dices can be 6 ?

Case 2 - In how many different ways can 3 persons A;B;C having 6 one rupee coin; 7 one rupee coin ; 8 one rupee coin ; respectively ; donate 10 one rupee coin collectively ?

Case 3 Example :Find the no. of non negative integral solution of

Case 4 In how many ways 14 identical toys be distributed among three boys so that each one gets atleast one toy and no two boys get equal no of toys ?

Case 5 In how many ways can we get a sum greater than 17 by throwing 6 distinct dice .

Derangement theorem

Seven People leave their bags outside a temple and returning after worshipping picked one bag each at random . In how many ways atleast one and atmost three of them get their correct bags ?

Exponent of a prime number in n!

Digits are not Repeated

Digits are Repeated

Total Divisors of a numbers and proper divisor of number

Sum of all Divisors

Divisors satisfying specific condition

Product of divisors of number

Boys and Girls standing in a queue

Committee Selection Questions

Problem Related to Deck of Cards

Polygon Problem

No. of possible Intersection Points between lines ,Circles

No of new lines formed by intersection points of All non parallel lines

No. of square rectangle parallelogram formed when m parallel & n parallel line intersect

No. of 4 letter words chosen from word with repeated letters

Distribution of n things among r persons with all possible scenario

Exponent of any number in n!

Circular permutation:Concept + Formula + clockwise /anticlockwise arrangements

5 Boys and 5 girls sit alternately around a round table. In how many ways can this be done ?

A person invites a group of 10 friends at dinner and sits (i) 5 on a round table and 5 on other round table (ii) 4 on one round table 6 on other round table . Find no. of ways in each case in which he can arrange the guest?

What are the principle of inclusion & exclusion ? ex:- Find the no. of positive integers from 1 to 1000 which are divisible bY atleast 2;3 and 5 .

When particular objects are never together (Gap method) (i) Find the no. of ways in which 5 girls and 5 boys can be arranged in a row if no two boys together

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