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A random, variable has the following probability distribution: Find each of the following: i. ii. iii. iv.

A random variable X has the following probability distribution: Determine: (i) K (ii) P(X<3) (iii) P(X > 6) (iv) P (0 < X < 3)
The random variable X has a probability distribution P(X) of the following form, where k is some number : P(X) = (a) Determine k. (b) Find P , P , P
A random variable X has following probability distribution <br> <br> Then = . . . .
A random variable X has the following probability distribution: Determine (i) k (ii) (iii) (iv)
Let probability distribution is then value of is
The probability function P (x) of a random four X is as follows, where k is a number <br> <br> (a) Find the value of k. <br> (b) Find
The random variable X has a probability distribution P(X) of the following form, where k is some number : P(X) = (a) Determine the value of k. (b) Find
Find the values of k for which roots of the following equations are real and equal: <br> (i) (ii) <br> (iii) (iv) <br> (v) (vi) <br> (vii) (viii)
If the probability of a random variable X is a given below : <br> <br> Then the value of k, is :
The value of k for which equations has two different pair of equal roots is
The probability distribution P (X) of the random variable X is as follows, while k is a number. <br> <br> (i) Find the value of k. <br> (ii) Find the value of
Find the value of k in each of the following for which the roots of the following equation are real and equal. <br> (i) <br> (Ii) <br> (iii) <br> (iv) <br> (v)
For what value of the following distribution is a probability distribution?
If , then
A random variable has the following probability distribution: <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NTN_MATH_XII_C13_E04_008_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> Determine : <br> (i) <br> (ii) <br> (iii) <br> (iv)

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