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Question From class 14 Chapter SIMPLE INTEREST

A man took a loan from a bank at the rate of 12% per annum at simple interest. After 3 year he had to payy 5400 as interest only for that period. The principal amount borrowed by him was: (एक आदमी ने एक बैंक से साधरण बियाज के रूप पर 12 % वार्षिक दर से रीढ़ लिया 3 वर्ष बाद उसमे 5400 केवल बियाज के रूप में उस समयवधि के लिए चुकाए उसके द्वारा उधार ली गयी राशि है )





Solution :

Total interest paid in 3 years(3 वर्षो में कुल बियाज का भुगतान)= (बियाज)=5400 <br> According to the question(प्रशानुसार) 36% of sum=5400 <br> 1% of sum = <br> (5400)/(36)xx100=1500

A man borrows some amount at the rate of 12% per annum simple interest he paid 720 as an interest. Find the amount borrowed by him (एक आदमी साधारण बियाज पर 12 % प्रति वर्ष की दर से कुछ राशि उधार लेता है| 6 वर्ष 8 महीने के बाद उस्सने बियाज के रूप में रु 720 का भुगतान किया| उसके द्वारा उधार ली गयी राशि ज्ञात करे|)
A person took loan from bank with interest rate 4% per annum and gave to his client at interest rate 6.5% par annum.In 3 years his profit was 775000 .Find the principal,amount,which he took from the loan
Ashish borrowed a sum of money from a nationalised bank at 12% simple interest per annum and the same amount at 10% simple interest per annum both for the same period. He cleared the first loan 6 months before the scheduled date of repayment and repaid the second loan just at the end of the scheduled period. If in each case he had to pay Rs 3250 as amount then how much and for what time did he borrow?
Raju borrowed Rs 15,000 from Mahesh at the rate of 15% per annum under simple interest for 3 years. Raju lent some part of money at 20% per annum at simple interest for 3 years and the remaining part at 12% per annum at simple interest for 3 years. If the interest received payable, then find the sum he lent at 20% simple interest?
A man invests half of his capital at the rate of 10% per annum, one third of 10% per annum, one third at 9% and the rest at 12% per annum.The average rate of interest per annum, which he gets is:(एक आदमी ने अपनी पूँजी का भाग 10 % वार्षिक बियाज दर पर भाग 9 % तथा शेष 12 % पर निवेशित किया तो उसके द्वारा प्राप्त औसत वार्षिक बियाज दर क्या है )
A person deposited 500 for 4 years and 600 for 3 years at the same rate of simple interest in a bank. Altogeher he received 190 as interest . The rate of simple interest per annum was:(एक आदमी एक बैंक में सामान साधारण बियाज की दर से 4 वर्ष के लिए रु 5000 की राशि पर 12 % की दर से 2 वर्षो के साधरण बियाज के बराबर है| क्ष का मान बताए)
In a certain years, a sum of money is doubled itself at simple interest per annum, then the required time will be(एक निश्तित राशि
A man borrowed Rs 10,000 at per annum, interest compounded quarterly. Find the amount that he has to pay after 9 months.
Kiran took a loan of at the rate per annum on a life insurance policy. How much compound interest Kiran will have to pay after years?
The interest earned on Rs 15000 in 3 years at simple interest is Rs 5400. Find the rate of interest per annum (a) 11.5%      (b) 12%       (c) 12.5%         (d) 15%
A merchant has a few rupees out of Rs 5000 from a bank Annual interest rate and balance Borrowed simple interest at the rate of annual interest. After 2 years, he had to pay a total of Rs 6320 to the bank. Find out how much money the merchant had borrowed at each rate.
Bank A provides loan at 5% per annum at simple interest and Bank B provides loan at the same rate for the same period, compounded annually. Then, which bank is preferable for a person to take a loan ?
Out of 50000 that a man has, he lends 8000 at per annum simple interest and 24000 at 6% per annum simple interest . He lends the remaining money at a certain rate of interest so that he gets total annual interest so that he gets total annual interest of 3680. The rate of interest per annum, at which the remaining money is lent, is: (यदि आदमी अपने 50000 में से 8000 साधरण बियाज की वार्षिक दर से उधार देता है शेष धनराशि को वह साधारण बियाज दर से उधार देता है ताकि उसे कुल मिलाकर वर्ष में 3680 बियाज से प्राप्त हो । जिस वार्षिक दर से शेष धनराशि उधार दी गयी वह क्या है )
Bank P provides loan at per annum simple interest, and bank Q provides loan at per annum, simple interest. Vinay borrowed Rs 1000 for 2 years from blank P, Kumar borrowed Rs 1000 for 2 years from bank Q. How much extra interest Kumar have to pay?
A man buys a TV priced at a16000. He pays 4000 at once and the rest after 15 months on which he is charges a simple interest at the rate of 12% per year. The total amount he pays for the TV is(एक व्यक्ति ₹ 16000 की कीमत वाला एक टी.वी. खरीदता है | वह ₹ 4000 तुरंत दे देता है और शेष 15 महीनो के बाद देता है जिस पर उससे 12 % प्रतिवर्ष की दर से साधारण ब्याज लिया जाता है | वह टी.वी. के लिए कूल कितनी राशि अदा करता है ? )

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