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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE ADVANCED

A line y=mx+1 meets the circle at point P and Q. if mid point of PQ has abscissa of then value of m satisfies

<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_JEE(A)_MATH_E01_001_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> For point R, <br> slope of CR <br> <br> <br> <br>

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The tangent at any point P on meets x-axis at Q, then locus of mid point of PQ will be
The circles and intersect at A and B. A line through A meets one circle at P and a parallel line through B meets the other circle at Q. Show that the locus of the mid-point of PQ is a circle.
Let be a point on the circle a point on the line , and the perpendicular bisector of be the line . Then the coordinates of are (b) (d)
The tangent at a variable point P of the curve meets it again at Q. Show that the locus of the middle point of PQ is
Tangents drawn to circle at point P meets the line at Q on the axis. Length PQ is equal to
The line meets the ellipse in the P and Q.The mid point of chord PQ is (where )
are two circles. If move respectively on these circles such that then the locus of mid-point of is a circle of radius
If a point P has co-ordinates is any point on the circle then the maximum value of is : (a) (b) (c) (d)
AB touches point (P, 12) at A and point (Q, 5) at B. 2. If PQ=25 and A & B are either side PQ then AB =
If the straight line intersects the circle at point , then find the coordinates of the point of intersection of the tangents drawn at to the circle
A tangent at a point of a circle of radius 5 cm meets a line through the centre at a point so that . Find the length of .
For what value of p the point lies on the line If the coordinates of two points are then find (abscissa of P) - (abscissa of Q).
If the tangent at the point on the circle meets the straight ine at a point Q on the y- axis then the length of PQ is
Tangent PQ at a point P of a circle of radius 5 cm meets a line through the centre O at a point Q so that OQ = 12 cm. Find length of PQ
If tangent at and to the parabola intersect at then prove that mid point the parabola, where is the mid point of and
P is a point on the circle Q is a point on the line . The perpendicular bisector of PQ is . Then the coordinates of P are:
If P is a point on the hyperbola and Q be the focus of the parabola , then locus of mid-point of PQ is
If intersect the ellipse at P and Q , then point of intersection of tangents at P and Q.
The tangent at the point to the parabola meets the parabola at Q and R. the coordinates of the mid-point of QR are

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