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Question From class 8 Chapter SQUARES AND SQUARE ROOTS

A general wishing to arrange his men who were 335250 in number in the form of a square found that there were 9 men left over. How many were there in each row ?

A general wishing to arrange his men who were 335250 in number in the form of a square found that there were 9 men left over. How many were there in each row ?
A general wishing to draw up his men in the form of a solid square, found that he had 10 men over. Find the number of men in the front row.
कुछ पुरुष एक काम को 30 दिनों में ख़त्म कर सकते है यदि 5 पुरुष और आ जाएं तो काम 10 दिन पहले ख़त्म हो जाता है आरभ में कितने पुरुष थे ?
1. From a basket of mangoes when counted in twos there was one extra, counted in threes there were two extra, counted in fours there were three extra, counted in fives there were four extra, counted in sixes there were five extra. But counted in sevens there were no extra, Atleast how many mangoes were there in the basket?
The number of students in a college is 36996 .There was a decrease of 7.69% over the previous year,how many students were there last year? "
8. In a basket of the fruits were mangoes 14 of the fruits were apples and the remaining were guavas. If the number of guavas were 15, find out how many fruits were there in the basket
A society collected Rs 92.16. Each member collected as many paise as there were members. How many members were there and how much did each contribute?
In an army camp,there were provisions for 425 men for 30 days.How long did the provisions last for 375 men?
in a class of 240 students , each student got sweets that are 15% of the total number of students. How many sweet were there ?
A school collected Rs 2304 as fees from its students. If each student paid as many paise as there were students in the school, how many students were there in the school ?
Sweets were distributed equally among 64 children. After giving 7 sweets to each child 15 sweets were left out. Total how many sweets were there? (a) 436       (b) 446      (c) 448     (d) 463     (e) None of these
A certain number of men completed a job in 10 days. If there 5 more men, it could have been completd in 8 days. How many men will be required to complete it ?
A contract is to be completed in 46 days and 117 men were set to work, each working 8 hours a day. After 33 days, of the work is completed. How many additional men may be employed so that the work may be completed in time, each man now working 9 hours a day? b. c. d.
4 men and10 women were put on a work. They completed of the work in 4 days. After this 2 men and 2 women were increased. They completed more of the work in 2 days. If the remaining work is to be completed in 3 days, then how many more women must be increased? b. c. d.
20% of dolls produced in a factory were defective,25% of the remaining were damaged.If 4800 dolls were left over,what was the original number of dolls?

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Square of a number students are advised to commit to memory.

Perfect square or square number A natural number n is called a perfect square or a square number if there exists a natural number m such that .

Show that 63504 is a perfect square. Also find the number whose square is 63504.

Find the smallest number by 180 must be multiplied so that the product is a perfect square.

Property 1 A number having at units place is never a perfect square. In other words no square number end in .

Property 2 The number of zero at the end of a perfect square is always even.

Property 3 Square of even numbers are always even numbers and squares of odd numbers are always odd numbers.

Property 4 The square of a natural number other than one is either a multiple of 3 or exceeds a multiple of 3 by 1.

Property 5 The square of a natural number other than one is either a multiple of 4 or exceeds multiple of 4 by 1.