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Question From class 12 Chapter PROBABILITY

A fair coin and an unbiased die are tossed. Let A be the event head appears on the coin and B be the event 3 on the die. Check whether A and B are independent events or not.

A coin is tossed three times. Event A: two heads appear Event B: last should be head Then identify whether events are independent or dependent.
A coin and a six faced die, both unbiased, are thrown simultaneously. The probability of getting a head on the coin and an odd number on the die is
A coin is tossed thrice. Let the event E be the first throw results in a head and the event F be the last throw results in a tail. Find whether the events E and F are independent.
An unbiased die is thrown twice. Let the event A be "odd number on the first throw" and B the event "odd number on the second throw". Check the independence of the events A and B.
A balanced coin is tossed three times in succession. Let A denote the event of getting 'head' in the first toss and B the event of getting 'tail' in the second toss. Prove that the events A and B are independent.
Let two fair six-faced dice A and B be thrown simultaneously. If is the event that die A shows up four, is the event that die B shows up two and is the event that the sum of numbers on both dice is odd, then which of the following statements is NOT true ? (1) and are independent. (2) and are independent. (3) and are independent. (4) , and are independent.
Two dice are thrown together. Let A be the event getting 6 on the first die and B the event getting 2 on the second die. Are the events A and B independent?
A coin is tossed and then a die is rolled only in case a head is shown on the coin.
An unbiased coin and a dice is rolled. Let A denotes to get a head on coin and B denotes to get a number 3 on dice. Prove that these two events are independent
Refer to question 1 above. If the die were fair, determine whether or not the events A and B are independent.
A fair coin with 1 marked on one face and 6 coin the other and a fair die are both tossed, fid the probability that the sum of numbers that turn up is i. 3 ii. 12.
A die is rolled. Let E be the event “die shows 4” and F be the event “die shows even number”. Are E and F mutually exclusive?
Describe the sample space for the indicated experiment : A coin is tossed and then a die is rolled only in case a head is shown on the coin.
One fair coin is tossed twice. Show that the events, A : head occurs on the first toss; B : head occurs on the second toss; C: head occurs once only; are pairwise independent.
Two fair dice are tossed. Let A be the event that the first die shows an even number and B be the event that the second die shows an odd number. The two event A and B are (i) mutually exclusive (ii)independent and mutually exclusive (iii) dependent (iv) none of these

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