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Question From class 12 Chapter DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS

A curve passes through and tangent at cuts the x-axis and y-axis at and , respectively, such that then (a) equation of curve is (b) normal at is (c) curve passes through (d) equation of curve is

A curve passes through point . The normal to the curve at is a . If the slope of the tangent at any point on the curve is proportional to the ordinate of the point, then the equation of the curve is
Tangent is drawn at any point P of a curve which passes through cutting x-axis and y-axis at A and B respectively. If , then,
A tangent and a normal to a curve at the point make equal intercepts on the x-axis and they-axis respectively. Find the curve which passes through the point
passes through a curve point and at some point Its gradation is given by then equation of curve
Let be a curve defined by The curve passes through the point and the slope of the tangent at is Then the value of is_____.
Tangent to a curve intercepts the y-axis at a point A line perpendicular to this tangent through passes through another point The differential equation of the curve is
A normal at on a curve meets the x-axis at and is the foot of the ordinate at If , then the equation of curve given that it passes through the point is
A normal is drawn at a point of a curve. It meets the x-axis at such that is of constant length . Answer the question:If the curve passes through the point , then its equation is (A) (B) (C) (D)
The tangent at any point of a curve makes an angle with x-axis. Find the equation of the curve if it passes through (1,2).
If the curve satisfy the equation , passes through and then is
A curve passes through and at its slope is Find the equation to the curve.
A normal is drawn at a point P(x, y) of a curve lt meets the x-axis at Q lf PQ is of constant length k such a curve passing through (0,k) is
In curve which satisfies the differential equation passes through then curve is (a) a circle with centre on x-axis (b) a circle with centre on y-axis (c) a hyperbola with transverse axis as x-axis (d) an ellipse with major axis as y-axis
A tangent and a normal to a curve at any point P meet the x and y axes at A, B and C, D respectively. Find the equation of the curve passing through if the centre of circle through lies on the line y = x (where O is the origin).
A curve passes through the point (3, -4) and the slope of . the is the tangent to the curve at any point (x, y) is .find the equation of the curve.
A curve satisfies the differential equation and passes through (1) The equation of the curve is (2) The equation of the curve is (3) is a tangent to curve (4) is a tangent to curve
A curve passes through (2,0) and the slope at as Find the equation of the curve. Find the area bounded by curve and x-axis in the fourth quadrant.
Find the equation of a curve passing through the point , given that the segment of any tangent drawn to the curve between the point of tangency and the y-axis is bisected at the x-axis.
The equation of the tangent to the curve , that is parallel to the x-axis, is (1) (2) (3) (4)

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