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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE MAINS

A coin is tossed three times. Two events A & B is tossed are defined as: A: No two consecutive tails occur. B: Atleast two consecutive tails occur. Statement I: A & B are exhaustive events Statement-II:A& B are complement of each other

If four coins are tossed, Two events A and B arc defined as A : No two consecutive heads occur B: At least two consecutive heads occur. Find P(A) and P(B). State whether the events are equally likely, mutually exclusive and exhaustive
A fair coin is tossed 5 times. Find the probability that no two consecutive heads occur.
Three coins are tossed. Describe i.                Two events A and B which are mutually exclusive. ii.              Two  events A and B and C which are mutually exclusive and exhaustive iii.             Three events A , B, and C which  are mutually exclusive iv.             Two events A and B which are mutually exclusive but not exhaustive.
A coin is tossed three times. <br> Event A: two heads appear <br> Event B: last should be head <br> Then identify whether events A and B are independent or not.
A coin is tossed three times. E: atmost two tails and F: atleast one tail. then
A coin is tossed three times. Event A: two heads appear Event B: last should be head Then identify whether events are independent or dependent.
Three coins are tossed once. Fmd the probability of getting (i) 3 heads                   (ii) 2 heads      (iii) atleast 2 heads (iv) atmost 2 heads     (v) no head      (vi) 3 tails (vii) exactly two tails   (vm) no tail      (ix) atmost two tails
A coin is tossed three times. Find the probability of getting exactly two tails.
A coin is tossed three times, consider the following events. A : ‘No head appears’, B: ‘Exactly one head appears’ and C: ‘Atleast two appear’. Do they form a set of mutually exclusive and exhaustive events?
A coin is tossed three times. Let the events A B, and C be defined as follows; A= first toss is head, B= second toss is head, and C= exactly two heads are tossed in a row. Check the independence of i. A and B ii. B and C and iii. C and A
Two coins are tossed simultaneous 500 times with the following frequencies of different outcomes. <br> Two tails = 110 times <br> One tail = 200 times <br> No tail = 190 times <br> Find the probability of occurrence of each events.
A fair coin is tossed four time. What is the probability that at most three tails occur?
Three coins are tossed once. Describe the following events associated with this random experiment: Getting three heads, Getting two heads and one tail, Getting three tails Getting a head on the first coin. i. Which pairs of events are mutually exclusive? ii. Which events are elementary events? iii. Which events are compound events?
A coin is tossed three times, where <br> (i) A : head on third toss,B: heads on first two tosses <br> (ii) A: at least two heads, B : at most two heads <br> (iii) A : at most two tails,B at least one tail <br> In each case find P(A/B).
Statement-1 : If A and B are two events such that P(A)=1, then A and B are independent. <br> Statement-2: A and B are two independent events iff <br>

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