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Question From class 12 Chapter COORDINATE GEOMETRY

A body weighing 13 kg is suspended by two strings 5 m and 12 m long, their other ends being fastened to the extremities of a rod 13 m long. If the rod be so held that the body hangs immediately below the middle point. The tensions in the strings are (1) 12 kg and 13 kg                    (2) 5 kg and 5 kg (3) 5 kg and 12 kg                      (4) 5 kg and 13 kg

A shopkeeper bought 20 kg of tea at 60 per kg. He sold 5 kg at 72 per kg, 8 kg at 70 per kg and rest at 55 per kg. Find his loss or profit per cent.
Find the change in the internal energy of 2 kg of water as it heated from . The specific heat capacity of water is and its densities at and are and respectively. atmospheric pressure Pa.
A grocer purchased 65 kg of rice ? 16 per kg and mixed it with 85 kg of rice at ? 12 per kg. At what rate per kg should he sell the mixture approximately to gain 20% ?
If 5 workers can collect 60 kg wheat in 3 days, how many kilograms of wheat will 8 workers collect in 5 days? a. 80 kg b. c. d.
The cost of 13 kg of sugar is Rs 195, the cost of 17 kg of rice is Rs 544 and the cost of 21 kg of wheat is Rs 336. What is the total cost of 21 kg of sugar, 26 kg of rice and 19 kg of wheat? (a) Rs 1306    (b) Rs 1451    (c) Rs 1500    (d) Rs 1636
The body weight of six boys is recorded as 54 kg, 64 kg, 75 kg, 67 kg, 45 kg and 91 kg. What is the average body weight of all six boys?
Are the following statements true? (a) 40 persons : 200 persons = Rs 15 : Rs 75 (b) 7.5 litres : 15 litres = 5 kg : 10 kg (c) 99 kg : 45 kg = Rs 44 : Rs 20 (d) 32 m : 64 m = 6 sec : 12 sec (e) 45 km : 60 km = 12 hours : 15 hours
A large watermelon weighs 20 kg with 96% of its weight being water. It is allowed to stand in the sun and some of the water evaporates so that only 95% of its weight is water. Its. reduced -weight will be b. c. d.
How many kilograms of sugar costing Rs 9 per kg must be mixed with 27 kg of sugar costing Rs 7 per kg so that there may be a gain of 10% by selling the mixture at Rs 9.24 per kg? (a) 36 kg       (b) 42 kg      (c) 54 kg       (d) 63 kg
The average weight of and is 45 kg. If the average weight of and be 40 kg and that of and be 43 kg, then the weight of is: (a) 17 kg (b) 20 kg (c) 26 kg (d) 31 kg
10 packets of suger each marked 1 kg actually contained the following weights 0.6 kg, 1.050 kg, 1.1 kg, -0.98 kg, 0.92 kg, 1.3 kg, 1.4 kg, 1.00 kg, 0.94 kg, 1.03 kg. Out of these packets, one packet is chosen at random, what is the probability that the chosen packet contain <br> (i) more than 1 kg sugar, <br> (ii) 1 kg sugar, <br> (iii) less than 1 kg sugar?
A ligh rod of length 1 m is pivoted at its centre and two masses of 5 kg and 2 kg are hung from the ends as shown in the figure. Find the initial angular acceleration of the rod assuming that it was horizontal in the beginning. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL1_C10_E01_094_Q01.png" width="80%">
Find the ratio in which rice at Rs 7.20 a kg be mixed with rice at Rs 5.70 a kg to produce a mixture worth Rs 6.30 a kg. (b) (c) (d)
Manish brought 25 kg of rice at ? 32 per kg and 15 kg of rice at ? 36 per kg. what profit did he get when he mixed the two varieties together and sold it at ? 40.20 per kg?
The average weigth of 25 students is 16 kg. The average weight of the first 12 students is 14 kg and of the last 12 students is 17 kg . Find the weight of the thirteenth students.

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Review of some terms

Measure of an Angle

Trigonometric Ratios

Trigonometric ratios are same for same angle

Relation between trigonometric ratios

In a ; right angled at A; If AB=5;AC=12 and BC=13; find sin B;cosC and tanB

In a ; right angled at B; If ; find

In a ; right angled at B; If ; find

In a ; right angled at B; If ; find

Trigonometric ratios of

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