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Question From class 12 Chapter PROBABILITY XII

A balanced coin is tossed three times in succession. Let A denote the event of getting 'head' in the first toss and B the event of getting 'tail' in the second toss. Prove that the events A and B are independent.

In one toss of a coin, find the probability of getting: <br> (i) head (ii) tail
One fair coin is tossed twice. Show that the events, A : head occurs on the first toss; B : head occurs on the second toss; C: head occurs once only; are pairwise independent.
A coin is tossed three times. The probability of getting head and tail alternately, is
Three coins are tossed simultaneously: P is the event of getting at least two heads. Q is the event of getting no head. R is the event of getting head on second coin
. A coin is tossed 175 times and head is obtained 120 times. Now ina random toss what is the probability of getting a tail?
A coin is tossed thrice. Let the event E be the first throw results in a head and the event F be the last throw results in a tail. Find whether the events E and F are independent.
Three coins are tossed once. Let A denote the event ‘three heads snow”, B denote the event “two heads and one tail show”, C denote the event” three tails show and D denote the event 'a head shows on the first coin”. Which events are (i) mutually exclusive?     (ii) simple?     (iii) Compound?
Find the probability of getting a head in a toss of an unbiased coin.
Two dice are thrown together. Let A be the event getting 6 on the first die and B the event getting 2 on the second die. Are the events A and B independent?
A coin is tossed three times, if head occurs on first two tosses, find the probability of getting head on third toss.
Find the probability of getting one head and one tail in one toss of two coins.
A coin is tossed 40 times and head appears 25 times. What is the probability of getting a tail.
A coin is tossed 200 times and it was found that head appears 72 times and tail appears 128 times. If a coin is tossed at random, what is the probabiltity of getting (i) a head (ii) a tail?
A coin is tossed three times. Let the events and be defined as follows: first toss is head, second toss is head, and exactly two heads are tossed in a row. Check the independence of
A coin is tossed 1200 times whereby head occurred in 745 cases and in the reamaining tail occurred. Find the probability of each event.

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