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Question From class 9 Chapter TRIANGLE AND ITS ANGLES

is a triangle. The bisector of the exterior angle at and the bisector of intersect each other at Prove that

In and the bisector of intersects at Prove that
In any triangle ABC, if the angle bisector of and perpendicular bisector of BC intersect, prove that they intersect on the circumcircle of the triangle ABC
In triangle ABC,the bisector of interior angle A and the bisector angle C meet at point O. Prove that
ABCD is a quadrilateral. The bisectors of angle A and B intersect at P, show that .
(Exterior Angle Theorem): If a side of a triangle is produced, the exterior angle so formed is equal to the sum of the two interior opposite angles. GIVEN : A triangle is a point of produced, forming exterior angle TO PROVE : i.e. ,
In and ray bisects the exterior angle (b) (c) (d)
If the bisector of the vertical angle of a triangle bisects the base of the triangle. then the triangle is isosceles. GIVEN : A in which is the bisector of meeting in such that TO PROVE : is an isosceles triangle.
In a right angled triangle, one acute angle is double the other. Prove that the hypotenuse is double the smallest side. GIVEN : A in which and . to prove : CONSTRUCTION : Produce to such that Join
In a parallelogram the bisector of also bisects at Prove that
ABC is a triangle in which the bisector of and the bisector of exterior meet at a point D such that . If , then and are, respectively, equal to
Angles opposite to two equal sides of a triangle are equal. GIVEN : in which TO PROVE : CONSTRUCTION : Draw the bisector of which meets in Figure
If the bisectors of two adjacent angles of a quadrilateral intersect at a point such that then find the value of
Prove that  if the bisector of any angle of a triangle and the perpendicular bisector of its opposite side intersect, they will intersect on the circumcircle of the triangle.
Prove that If the bisector of any angle of a triangle and the perpendicular bisector of its opposite side intersect, they will intersect on the circumcircle of the triangle.
If the bisector of the angle A of triangle ABC meets BC in D, prove that

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