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Question From class 9 Chapter CIRCLE

is a cyclic quadrilateral. are produced to meet in Prove that

In Figure, it is given that and Prove that
is a parallelogram. is a produced to so that and produced meets produced in Prove that
If are two triangles such that are respectively equal and parallel to then show that Quadrilateral is a parallelogram Quadrilateral is a parallelogram (iv)
is a rhombus, is a straight line such that . Prove that and when produced meet at right angles.
In Figure, is a trapezium in which is produced to such that prove that Construction: Draw on produced and
In Figure, and are two altitudes of a such that Prove that is isosceles. Figure
In Figure, it is given that and Prove that Figure
If a,b,c,d,e be 5 numbers such that a,b,c are in A.P; b,c,d are in GP & c,d,e are in HP then prove that a,c,e are in GP
In Figure, are parallelograms. Prove that
The diagonals of quadrilateral intersect in Prove that if the triangles are equal in area.
In Figure, it is given that Prove that (ii)
In Figure, are medians of . Prove that
is any point on base of is the mid-point of is drawn parallel to to meet at If , then find area of
is a parallelogram, is the point on such that is a point of such that is the point of such that Prove that:
In Figure are two points on such that Show that

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What is Circle ?

Position of a point at circumference with respect to centre of a circle

Circular Disc and Concentric circles

Radius; Perimeter and Area

Arc of a Circle

Length of an Arc

Central Angle

Major and Minor Arc

Chord of a circle


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