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Question From class 12 Chapter DEFAULT

are three points on the rectangular hyperbola , The area of the triangle formed by the tangents at .

Normals are drawn to the parabola from any point on the line , then vertices of the triangle formed by corresponding tangents lie on a fixed rectangular hyperbola then is ________
If are three points on the hyperbola such that subtends a right angle at then prove that is parallel to the normal to the hyperbola at point
Three points A,B and C taken on rectangular hyperbola where and . The normal at A is parallel to BC, then
If there are two points on rectangular hyperbola such that abscissa of ordinate of then locusof point of intersection of tangents at is (a) (b) (c) (d) non of these
Find area of triangle formed by the points A(5;2);B(4;7) and C (7;-4)
The area of triangle formed by vertices are is and the area of triangle whose vertices are and is . If represent the sides of triangle of perimeter 16. Then the value of
Find the area of a triangle formed by the points
Area of the triangle formed by any arbitrary tangents of the hyperbola , with the co-ordinate axes is
The coordinates of a point on the rectangular hyperbola normal at which passes through the centre of the hyperbola are
If the centroid of the triangle formed by the points and is at the origin, then (b) 0 (c) (d)
At the point of intersection of the rectangular hyperbola and the parabola tangents to the rectangular hyperbola and the parabola make angles and , respectively with x-axis, then
A triangle is formed by joining three points on rectangular hyperbola16 If orthocentre of the triangle is then product hk is equal to
The area of triangle formed by the vertices is
The parametric form of rectangular hyperbola
The area of the triangle formed by is (b) (d)

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