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Question From class 12 Chapter प्रायिकता क्रमश:

A तथा B क्रमश: एक पाँसा फेंकते है यदि उनमें से किसी का 6 अंक आ जाता है तो वह जीत जाता है | यदि A शुरुआत करता है तो सिद्ध कीजिए कि उनके जितने की प्रायिकताए है |

If a dice is thrown 5 times, the probability of 6 appearing 3 times is-
If a dice is thrown once, the probability that the number obtained is smaller than 3 and greater than 2 is -
If a dice is thrown thrice, prove that the probability of having an odd number at least once Is
If And A game When playing the bar, it is found that , Wins the bar, Wins twice and they are uninvited twice. And , Take part in a series of games. What is the probability of winning by their turn?
A dice is thrown. If an even number appears on it, what is the probability that it is greater than 2?
The LCM of two numbers is 14 times their HCF. The sum of their LCM and HCF is 600. If one number is 280, find the other number.
A and B throw a pair of pairs in alternating order. A wins the game if he gets a total of 7 and B wins the game. If he receives a total of 10 ho | If A starts the game then find the probability of winning B.
If two medians of a triangle are equal, prove that that triangle is an isosceles triangle.
If ABC is an isosceles triangle and AC = BC if Prove that Is a right angled triangle.
Once a dice is thrown, the probability of having a number greater than 5 is -
A magnetized material is placed in a magnetic field. Choose the appropriate option <br> If the magnetic field is increased then the magnetization increases. <br> (B) If the temperature is increased then the magnetization increases.
A gambler throws two dice, if one does not come 6 he gives 2 rupees and if 6 comes he earns 4 rupees. To earn Rs 10, he has to throw 6 twice. Prove that this game is correct.
A doctor has to go to see a patient. The probabilities of his arrival by train, bus, scooter or any other vehicle respectively Is If he comes by train, bus or scooter, the probabilities of his late arrival are respectively Is, but it is not late when coming from any other vehicle. If he comes late, find the probability that he will come by train.
If a person goes to Patna from Patna and then returns to Patna from Ranchi, then that person will be displacement.
Probability of a coin If the top comes, the coin is tossed again. If the probability that the number of bounces is even is p, then p =

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