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Question From class 14 Chapter GEOMETRY AND CO-ORDINATE

6cm त्रिज्या वाले वृत्त के बाहर स्तिथ बिंदु की केंद्र से दूरी 10 cm है । बिंदु से वृत्त पर खींची गई स्पर्श रेखा की लम्बाई ज्ञात करे?

5 cm

6 cm

7 cm

8 cm

Answer :


Solution :

According to question, Given: <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RKY_MATH_C12_E01_224_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> O=10cm, OA = radius= 6 cm <br> AB= tangent <br> In right angle <br> By using pythagoras theorem <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> AB=8

A tangent line PT 24 cm long is drawn from point P of a circle of radius 7 cm. If O is the center of the circle then the measure of OP is-
A point A is 26 cm away from the circle center and the length of the tangent from A to the circle is 24 cm. Find the radius of the circle.
Find the distance of the chord 8 cm long from the center of the circle of radius 5 cm.
The tangent is 4 cm in length from a point A located 5 cm away from the center of the circle. Find the radius of the circle.
PQ is the tangent line at point P of the circle of radius 5 cm. Which meets a point going from the center O of the circle at the point Q and OQ = 12 cm then PQ =
The radius of a circle is 5 cm and the length of its chord PQ is 8 cm. The tangent lines at P and Q intersect at point T. Find the length of TP.
There are two concentric circles of radius 5 and 3 cm. Find the length of the chord of the larger circle which touches the smaller circle.
A bucket filled with water is rotated in a vertical circle of radius R by tying it with a rope. <br> (A) What is the minimum speed of the bucket at the highest point of the circle so that the water does not fall out of the bucket? <br> (B) If the bucket continues to rotate at the same speed, then how much will the water react to the bucket water at the lowest point of the circle?
The radius of a circle is increasing at a rate of 01 cm / s. Find the rate of change of area when the radius of the circle is 5 cm.
The number of tangent lines drawn from the origin to the circle will be <br> If the lines 3x-4y-7 = 0 and 2x-3y-5 = 0 are two diameters of the circle whose area is Is a square unit, then
A mass of m mass is tied to a lanyard of length and is rotated in a vertical circle. What will be the minimum speed of the object at the highest point of the circle and the minimum tension in the string?
The two circles touch externally. The distance between the centers of circles is 7 cm. If the radius of a circle is 2.5 cm. Find the radius of the second circle.
A ball of mass 10 kg The meter is tied to the end of a long string and is rotated in a vertical circle. At what speed of the ball at the highest point of the circle will the tension in the string be zero?
And The distance between the two point charges of K is 1.0 cm. Find the intensity of the valid field at the point 50 cm away from the center on the axis of the dipole made of these charges.
Two parallel chords of length 8 cm and 6 cm are situated on one side of the center of the circle. If the radius of the circle is 5 cm, find the distance between the chords.

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