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Question From class 14 Chapter GEOMETRY AND CO-ORDINATE

6 से. मी. त्रिज्या वाले एक वृत्त के केंद्र से 10 से मी. की. दूरी पर स्तिथ एक बिंदु से स्पर्श रेखा खींची जाती हे, तो स्पर्श रेखा की लम्बाई ज्ञात करे?

4 cm

5 cm

8 cm

7 cm

Answer :


Solution :

<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RKY_MATH_C12_E01_256_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Let PTQ is the Tangent of circle having center O and Radius = r and point T, touches the circle <br> We know that any line draw on tangents touching point from center, always makes a perpendicular <br> So, length of PT = 8cm

A tangent line PT 24 cm long is drawn from point P of a circle of radius 7 cm. If O is the center of the circle then the measure of OP is-
PQ is the tangent line at point P of the circle of radius 5 cm. Which meets a point going from the center O of the circle at the point Q and OQ = 12 cm then PQ =
Draw a circle with the help of a bangle. Inscribe a point outside the circle. From this point, make the tangent line of the circle.
A point A is 26 cm away from the circle center and the length of the tangent from A to the circle is 24 cm. Find the radius of the circle.
Draw a circle of radius cm Mark a point. Point without using center Draw a tangent line to the circle.
The tangent is 4 cm in length from a point A located 5 cm away from the center of the circle. Find the radius of the circle.
Draw a circle of radius cm. From the center of the circle Cm farthest point Draw the tangents of the circle from
Find the distance of the chord 8 cm long from the center of the circle of radius 5 cm.
A bullet from a 400 m height tower is fired vertically upwards at a speed of 80 m / s. If G is 10 m / s If considered, how long will it take for the bullet to reach the ground floor?
A small magnet whose magnetic moment is 0.03 A Is from the axis of Bend at an angle of and find the value of the magnetic field and its direction at a point on the line passing through its midpoint. The point is 0.05 m away from the midpoint of the magnet.
Line lx + my + n = 0 circle If there is a tangent to
Two points of negative charge are placed in the air at a distance of 1 m from each other, their potential energy is
Draw a circle of radius cm. From the center of the circle Draw two tangent lines on the circle from the point at the distance of the cm.
5 molecules in a sample of gas At the speed of m / s, 10 molecules At the speed of m / s and 15 molecules They are moving at a speed of m / s. Find the square mean root speed and mean speed of this sample.
Consider the following statements <br> I. Line , News Will have a tangent if <br> II. Equation of a circle going from the origin and intersecting 2 unit lengths with negative axes. <br> Which of the statements given above is / are correct?

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