5. If y + 3=m_1(x +2) and y + 3 = m_2(x + 2) are two tangents to the parabola y^2 = 8x , then

Updated On: 9-10-2020

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 5. If `y + 3=m_1(x +2)` and `y + 3 = m_2(x + 2)` are two tangents to the parabola `y^2 = 8x` , then
5. If and are two tangents to the parabola , then
If and are two tangents to the parabola , then
If are two tangents to the parabola , then
Two common tangents to the circle and the parabola are
If the equations represent the same curve, find .
If the line and are the tangents to the parabola then
Find the slopes of the tangents to the parabola which are normal to the circle
The equations of the common tangents to the parabola is/are :
If the lines whose equations are meet in a point, then prove that :
If the line intersect the parabola at P and Q, then find the point on intersection of tangents .
Two common tangents to the circle and parabola are
If two circles and intersect in two distinct points , then
If and are two tangents to the parabola , then
If are two equal ordered paris, then

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