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Question From class 14 Chapter NUMBER SYSTEM

37 को दोनों भागों में इस प्रकार बांटियें कि पहले भाग का 5 गुना तथा दूसरा भाग के 11 गुने का कुल योग 227 हो।





Answer :


Solution :

माना पहली संख्या है। <br> तब अन्य संख्या होगी। <br> प्रश्नानुसार <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>

Divide 80 into two parts such that the product of the cube of the part and the fifth power of the second part is the greatest.
Make two parts of 15 such that the product of the square of one part and the cube of the other part is superior.
A body of m mass A falls under gravity, breaking down into two parts - Part B of the mass and Part of mass C | How will the mass center of the body of parts B and C move compared to the center of mass of A?
1.0 m A tank with a square base of area is divided into two parts by a vertical dividing wall. 20 cm below the desolate wall The area occupied by the door is one part of the tank is filled with water and the other part is filled with acid of 1.7 relative density. Both parts are filled up to 4.0 m height. Calculate the force required to keep the door closed. <br>
One part of a picture is a semi-circle and the other part is a rectangle made on the diameter of that semi-circle. If the perimeter of the picture is 20 feet, then find its measurement so that the area of the picture is maximum.
Who is responsible for sending sensations from one part of the body to another?
50% of a first-class process is finished in 10 minutes. In how much time 99% of this reaction will be completed?
The resistance of wire of length L is R. It is folded at the midpoint in such a way that the two halves are mutually You are on it. He will have new resistance
If the sum of one half of a number and one fifth of that number is one third of that number If there are more numbers
How much of the total volume of the unit cell in the diamond is filled by solid spheres?
Of a parallel range Sum of posts is. Find the sum of its first, second, third and 10th terms and the first two terms.
And How will we connect the three resistors to the total resistance of the combination (a) 1 , (b) ?
How to connect the three resistors to the total resistance of the combination Ho ?
Magnetic moment And a magnet with pole strength m is divided into two parts, then the magnetic moment of each part will be
The radius of a solid sphere of iron is r. Its two equal parts are divided. Of the same diameter after melting the first part Length wire is made. Putting the other part of the same diameter Length wire is made. Prove that the ratio of resistances of these stars will be equal to the ratio of the square of their length.

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