`(3)/(20)` of 3kg = _________g

Updated On: 30-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59 hello everyone should the question given to assist 3.20 of 3 kg is dash Dance show as we know that 1 Kg is equal to thousand gram so 3kg will be equals to 3000 G and 30 by 20 into 3000 20 cancel this will go by 150 and 53 the 4554 50 gram thank you

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Fill in the blanks: <br>`85xx325kg=_________g` Fill in the blanks: <br>`65xx8156g=_________g=_______mg` `(2kg250g):(3kg)` The barometric height at a certain place is 0.75 m of mercury. What will be the barometric height ifa liquid of density `3.4xx 10^3kg/m^3` is used to llll the barometric tube? <br> `[P_("mercury")=13.6xx10^3kg//m^3`] Fill in the blanks: <br> a. `20xx3km=_______km=___m` <br> `=_____cm=_________mm` <br> b. `55xx6kL=____kL=______L` <br> `=____mL` <br> c. `45xx3kg=___kg=_________g` <br> `=___mg`

Very Important Questions

FAQs on Rational Numbers


Rational number a number of the form


or a number which can be expressed in the form


where p and q are integers and

q != 0

is called a rational number.

Every natural number is a rational number but a rational number need not be a natural number

Zero is a rational number.

Every integer is a rational number but a rational number need not be an integer

Every fraction is a rational number but a rational number need not be a fraction.

numerator and denominator If


is a rational number then the integer p is known as its numerator and the integer q is called the denominator.

Positive rational number is said to be positive if its numerator and denominator are either both positive integers or both negative integers.

Negative rational number a rational number is said to be negative if its numerator and denominator are such that one of them is positive integer and another one is a negative integer.

Property 1 if


is a rational number and m is a non -zero integer then

p/q = (p xx m) / ( q xx m )

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