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Question From class 6 Chapter DEFAULT

2,71,855 students appeared at an examination. Out of them 1,27,968 failed. How many students passed ?

यदि एक परीक्षा में पास हुए व फ़ैल हुए छात्रों का अनुपात है। यदि 5 छात्र और आ जाए व फ़ैल हुए छात्र 2 कम हो जाये तो पास हुए छात्र व फ़ैल हुए छात्रों का अनुपात यदि एक परीक्षा में पास हुए व फ़ैल हुए छात्रों का अनुपात हो जाता है। तो परीक्षा में आए छात्र ज्ञात करे।
In an examination, 8% of the students fail. What percentage of the students pass? If 1650 students appeared in the examination, how many passed?
In an examination, 70% students passed in Physics, 80% students passed in Chemistry, 75% students passed in Mathematics and 85% students passed in Biology, and x% students failed in all the four subjects. What is the minimum value of x ?
In an examination out of 480 students, 85% of the girls and 70% of the boys have passed. <br> How many boys appeared in the examination , if total pass percentage was 75% ?
In a class of 25 students, 18 of them passed in maths, 14 of them passed in Science and 3 of them failed in both the exams. How many students passed in both the exams ?
In an examination, 96% of students passed and 500 student failed. How many students did appear at the examination? b. c. d. 13500
किसी परीक्षा में 120 वियार्थीयो के प्राप्तांक का औसत 35 है। यदि उत्तीर्ण का औसत 39 तथा अनुतीरण छात्रो का औसत 15 है, तो उत्तीर्ण छात्रो की संख्यां ज्ञात करे ?
How many students passed in first class ? <br> Statements: <br> I. of the students who appeared in examination have passed either in first class or in second class. <br> II. 750 students have passed in seond class. <br> III. The number of students who passed in first class is of those passed in second class.
In an examination, 30% and 35% students respectively failed in History and Geography while 27% students failed in both the subjects. If the number of students passing the examination is 248, find the total number of students who appeared in the examination. b. c. d. 725
Out of 80 students who appeared in a combined test in science and Mathematics, 64 passed in at least one subject. If 45 passed in science and 52 in maths then number of students failed in maths only is
In a boards examination, 40 students failed in physics, 40 in chemistry and 35 in mathematics, 20 failed in maths and physics, 17 in physics and chemistry, 15 in maths and chemistry and 5 in all the three subjects. If 350 students appeared in the examination, how many of them did not fail in any subject?
12500 विद्यार्थी एक परीक्षा में सम्मिलित हुए लड़को और लड़कियों ने परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण की यदि उत्तीर्ण होने वाले कुल विद्यार्थियों का प्रतिशत है तो परीक्षा में कितनी लड़किया सम्मिलित हुई ?
In class , 70 students wrote two tests, viz,. Test-I and Test-II. 50% of the students failed in Test-I and 40% of the students failed in Test-II. How many students passed in both the tests?
किसी परीक्षा में 35% छात्र हिंदी में फेल हुए 45% छात्र अंग्रेजी में फेल हुए और 20% छात्र दोनों विषयो में फेल हुए। उन छात्रों का प्रतिशत ज्ञात कीजिए, जो दोनों विषयो में पास हुए ?
In an examination 35% of total students failed n Hindi, 45% failed in English and 20% in both. Find the percentage of those who passed in both the subjects.

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