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Question From class 14 Chapter RATIO & PROPORTION

27 को दो भागो मे इस प्रकार विभाजित करे कि पहले भाग का 5 गुणा और दूसरे भाग का 11 गुना दोनों मिलाकर 195 के बराबर हो, तो पहले और दूसरे भाग का अनुपात है

Answer :


Solution :

Let the first part is =x <br> second part is =y <br> प्रश्ननुसार <br> 5x+11y=195 <br> x+y=27 <br> Solve equation (i) and (ii) <br> x=17 <br> y=10 <br>

Divide 80 into two parts such that the product of the cube of the part and the fifth power of the second part is the greatest.
Divide 8 into two positive parts such that the sum of the squares of one part and the cube of the other part is inferior.
Who is responsible for sending sensations from one part of the body to another?
The radius of a solid sphere of iron is r. Its two equal parts are divided. Of the same diameter after melting the first part Length wire is made. Putting the other part of the same diameter Length wire is made. Prove that the ratio of resistances of these stars will be equal to the ratio of the square of their length.
If the sum of one half of a number and one fifth of that number is one third of that number If there are more numbers
A company manufactures bicycles in two plants. 60% cycles are made in the first plant and 40% cycles in the second plant. 80% of the bicycles of the first plant and 90% of the other plants get standard grade in quality. A cycle is chosen randomly and is found to be of standard grade. Find the probability that it is made in the second plant.
The wire of R resistance is cut into n equal parts. These parts are added in parallel order. The equivalent resistance of a combination is -
The two evenly charged bodies are placed 5 cm away from each other in the air. If the second body is displaced 5 cm from the first body, its repulsion force
Which system of the body of high-grade animals that carries oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and substances produced as a result of metabolic activities from one part of the body to another?
A progressive wave whose equation Is reflected on the boundary page of two mediums. Part of it is reflected in the first medium and some part is transmitted in the second medium. If the amplitude of the reflected and transverse wave respectively And If, write their equation if the second medium is (i) rare, (ii) dense.
A body of m mass A falls under gravity, breaking down into two parts - Part B of the mass and Part of mass C | How will the mass center of the body of parts B and C move compared to the center of mass of A?
How to divide a charge Q into two parts to keep them at a fixed distance but have maximum repulsion force between them (both part points are charges)?
At a point, velocities of 4,3,2 and 1 km / hour are such that between the first and second , Between the second and third And between the third and fourth Is the angle of. Find the resultant velocity.
Is a two-digit number. When this number is divided by the sum of its digits, the quotient is 7. If 27 is subtracted from this number, then 27 is subtracted from the number, then the place of the digits of the number changes among themselves. Then find the number.
50% of a first-class process is finished in 10 minutes. In how much time 99% of this reaction will be completed?

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