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Question From class 7 Chapter UNITARY METHOD

20 chocolates cost Rs 320. Find the cost of 35 such chocolates.

How many chocolates will you consume if these are free of cost, to achieve equilibrium
If the cost of 2 chocolates and 3 biscuits is Rs 55 and that of 4 chocolates and 6 biscuits is Rs 110, then the costs of one chocolate and one biscuit are necessarily Rs 20 and Rs 5 respectively (True/False)
Rani has some chocolates with her. If she gives of the chocolates to her brother and of total chocolates to her sister, then she is left with 20 chocolates. Find the number of chocolates tht Rani had initially.
रवि ने कुछ चॉकलेट 2 चॉकलेट/ रुपये कि दर से खरीदी और उन्हें 5 चॉकलेट /रुपये कि दर से बेच दिया तो उसकी प्रतिशत हानि ज्ञात करे |
There are some chocolates with Tom and Jerry. If Tom gives certain number of chocolates to Jerry, then the number of chocolates with them will be interchanged. Instead, if Jerry gives same number of chocolates to Tom, then the number of chocolates with jerry will be one-fourth of the number of chocolates that Tom has. If the total number of chocolates with them is 100, then find the number of chocolates with Tom
Ajay and Vijay have 25 chocolates in total. If Ajay gives 3 chocolates to Vijay, then the number of chocolates with them is in ratio . Find the number of chocolates with Ajay and Vijay respectively.
If the cost of a book is Rs. 25.75, find the cost of 24 such books.
10 रु मे 11 चॉकलेट कि दर से चॉकलेट तथा इतनी 10 रु मे 9 चॉकलेट की दर गई| सभी चॉकलेट को 1 रु/ चॉकलेट कर दर से बेच दिया गया, तो पूरे सौदे मे प्रतिशत लाभ या हानि ज्ञात करे |
14 books cost Rs 133, then find the cost of 20 books.
Joshna and Vijay have some chocolates, The num-ber of chocolates with Joshna is two -third of the number of chocolates with Vijay. If Vijay gives five chocolates to Joshna, then both will have equal number of chocolates. How many chocolates does Joshna have ?
A teacher has 45 chocolates. After giving two chocolates to each student, she is left with 7 chocolates. How many students are there in the class ?
A teacher has 45 chocolates. After giving chocolates to each students, she is left with 7 chocolates. How many students are there in the class ?
37 pens and 53 pencils together cost Rs. 320, while 53 pens and 37 pencils together cost Rs. 400. Find the cost of a pen and that of a pencil.
Three persons, A, B and C, have a certainvnumber of chocolates with each of them.The number of chocolates with B is 20% more than that with A, which, in turn, is two-thirds of that with C. If the numberof chocolates with B is less than thetotal number of chocolates with A and C together by x percent, what is the value of x?
1 litre of petrol costs Rs 75.33. Find the cost of 35 litres of petrol.

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FAQs on Unitary Method

EQUATION A statement of equality which involves one or more literals (variables) is called an equation.

LINEAR EQUATION An equation in which the highest power of the involved is 1 is called a linear equation.

Trial-and error method

Systematic method

Solve the equation and check the result.

Transposition method

Solve : and check the result.

Solve :

Step should be followed to solve a word problem :

If 7 is subtracted from five times a number the result is 63. Find the number.

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