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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE MAINS

13). An article is sold at a certain price. By selling it at 3/5 of that price one loss 10%. What is the gain percent at original price ?

किसी वस्तु को बिक्री मूल्य के पर बेचने इ विक्रेता को 10 % की हानि हुई यदि उसे मूल बिक्री मूल्य पर बेचा जाता तो लाभ\हानि का प्रतिशत क्या होता
On selling an article at a certain price a man gains 10%. On selling the same article at double the price, gain per cent is
By selling an article at of the marked price there is a loss of 10%. The profit percent when the article is sold at the marked price is a. b. 30% c. d.
by selling an article for ? 720 a man losses 10% at what price should he sell it to gain 5%
By selling an article at ? 1296, a man incurs a loss of 4%. At what price should he sell the article to gain 5% ?
A trade man sold an article at a loss of 20%. If the selling price had been increased by Rs. 100, there would have been a gain of 55. What as the cost price of the article?
By reducing the selling price of an article by Rs 50, a gain of 5% turns into a loss of 5%. Find the original selling price of the article.
Selling price The price at which an article is sold is known as its selling price. The selling price is abbreviated as S.P.
By selling an article at of its actual selling price a trade incurs a loss of 50% . What will be the profit per cent if the trade sells the article at its actual selling price?
Cost price of article A is Rs 200 more than the cost price of article B. Article A was sold at 10% loss and article B was sold at 25% profit. If the overall profit earned after selling both the articles is 4%, then what is the cost price of article B?
Cost price of B is 200 more than cost price of A.Bis sold at 10% profit and A is sold at 40% loss and selling price of A and B are in the ratio 4 : 11. If A is sold at 20% loss then what will be selling price of A.
At what profit percent must an article be sold so that by selling at half that price, there may be a loss of 30%? b. c. d.
The selling price when goods which cost Rs. 65 are sold at a loss of 10% is :
An article is sold at a discount of . Find the marked price of the article if its selling price is Rs. 1200.
A merchant buys an article for Rs. 27 and sells it at a profit of 10 percent of the selling price. The selling price of the article is b. c. d.

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