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Question From class 14 Chapter AVERAGE (औसत)

11 सदस्यों की एक क्रिकेट टीम ने औसत 23 रन बनाए। यदि पहले खिलाड़ी ने 113 रन बनाये हो तो अन्य खिलाड़ीयो के औसत रन ज्ञात करे?

8 रन

12 रन

14 रन

27 रन

Answer :


Solution :

Average of rest of the players = <br> <br> =14 runs

The average age of a cricket team is 27 years. Out of these, new players aged 24 and 27 came. So what is the average age of the team now?
In a meeting, 70% members approved any proposal and 30% members opposed. A member was elected in a major way and, if that member approved the proposal, then X = 0 was taken while if he / she approved the proposal, X = 1 was taken. Find the value of E (X) and variance X.
If an electric train is going at an average speed of 108 km / h, find the distance traveled by the 20 s train.
Joel and Tom were traveling from City X to City Y at a distance of 210 km. Joel started the journey with Tom 1 hour 15 minutes later, but he arrived 15 minutes earlier. If Tom&#39;s average speed was 42 km / h, find the average speed of Joel.
The average age of 19 boys in a class is 21 years. If the teacher&#39;s age is also included, then the average age becomes 22 years. Find the age of the teacher.
A cricket player catches a ball of 150 g moving at a rate of 20 m / s. If the time taken to catch the ball is 0.1 second, the force applied by the ball to the player&#39;s hands will be.
Ann, Bill and Ken shared some tickets in the ratio 2: 3: 4. Later ratios in a game Done. If Ann won 21 tickets, how much did Ken lose?
A father said to his son, &quot;My age at the time of your birth was equal to your age at this time.&quot; If at this time the age of the father is 52 years, then the age of the son was 8 years ago.
A biologist studied the population of rats in the barn or fields. He found the average birth rate 250, the average death rate 240, the immigrant rate 20, and the migrant rate or emigration rate 30. The total increase of the population is
Calculate the mass of the Sun if the average radius of the Earth&#39;s orbit Km and
The radius of a turn is 10 m. (I) If the average speed of the vehicles on the turn is 18 km / h, find the slope angle. <br> (ii) If this bend is horizontal, what is the minimum friction coefficient between the road and the tires so that vehicles can cross the bend at a speed of 18 km / h without slipping?
The average score of students in a class is 43. If the average score of 25 boys is 40 and the average score of girls is 48, what is the number of girls in the class?
Number of nuclei in a sample of an element is. (i) an average age (ii) What will be the number of nuclei remaining after the mean age?
10 students of class 10 participated in a math puzzle competition if the number of girls is 4 more than the number of boys. So find the number of boys and girls participating in the competition.
The height of a TV tower is 235 m. If the average population density around the tower If so, how many people will the TV broadcast reach? Earth&#39;s radius is.

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