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Question From class 14 Chapter NUMBER SYSTEM

1000 से 5000 के बीच कितनी संख्या 225 से पूर्णतः विभाजित है?





Answer :


Solution :

प्रथाम संख्या <br> अंतिम संख्या <br> पदों की संख्या <br> <br> <br>

Find the lowest number which is divisible by 1 and 10 and all the natural numbers between them.
17 cards numbered 1, 2, 3, ……., 17 are placed in a box and whipped well. If a person removes a leaf from the box, find the probability that the following number is on the leaf. <br> (i) odd (ii) a prime number <br> (iii) Divided by 3 (iv) Divided by both 3 and 2
In a box, cards of numbers from 11 to 60 are placed. If a card is drawn randomly from the box, find the probability that the number on the card removed is- <br> (i) an odd number (ii) a perfect square number <br> (iii) Divided by 5 (iv) A prime number less than 20
When a square of prime numbers greater than 3 is divided by 6, the remainder is -
A sphere from the cannon at a velocity of 1000 m / s from the horizontal Is fired at an angle of. g = 10 m / s Determine by assuming ---- <br> How long has the ball been in the air?
A sphere from the cannon at a velocity of 1000 m / s from the horizontal Is fired at an angle of. g = 10 m / s Determine by assuming ---- <br> How far away from the top will the Earth hit?
f The minimum distance between the object and the screen must be in order to create a real image of an object using a convex lens of focus.
A sphere from the cannon at a velocity of 1000 m / s from the horizontal Is fired at an angle of. g = 10 m / s Determine by assuming ---- <br> What is the maximum height the ball will go to?
By what number should the number 1365 be divided so that the quotient is 31 and the remainder 32?
Which of the following is not a fully inverted composition?
Which of the following figures shows the relationship between rose flower and husband
Find the number of natural numbers between 101 and 999 divided by both 2 and 5.
The number of furrows of a secondary of a transformer is 10 times the number of furrows of the primary. If 10 watts of power is applied to the primary, how much power will the secondary get? Explain with reason.
Find the number which if divided by 61 makes the quotient 27 and the remainder 32.
30 km between two cities. Is the distance. A person leaves at a speed of 30 kmph and 20 km. Returns at an hourly pace. What is the average speed of that person?

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