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Question From class 14 Chapter MENSURATION

दो 6 cm भुजा वाले घनों को मिलाकर एक घनाभ बनाया गया। घनाभ का सम्पू्र्ण पृष्ठ क्षेत्रफल ज्ञात करें?





Answer :


Solution :

घनाभ का कुल पृष्ठीय क्षेत्रफल <br> (whole surface area of cube ) area of one face <br> ( two faces of the two cubes are not visible now) क्योंकि घनों के दो पृष्ठ छिपे हुए हैं। <br> Required area <br>

On each corner of an equilateral triangle ABC with side 10 cm The charge is placed Calculate the power intensity at the midpoint of the side AB
A combined lens is made of two thin lanes of 3D and 2D capability. What will be the focus distance and nature of the combined lens?
And A combined lens is made by combining two thin lenses of capacity. Is the joint lens convergent or divergent? What is its focus distance?
Find two numbers whose sum is 6 and whose sum of cubes is inferior.
Two lenses whose capacities respectively And Is combined to form a combined lens. Find the position of the image of the object placed at a distance of 50 cm from this joint lens.
A triangle with equal angles is drawn on one side of a right angled triangle. In which the perpendicular is twice the base. So prove that the area of the triangle on the hypotenuse is the same as the sum of the areas of the other two triangles.
A 28 cm long wire is to be divided into two pieces. The square has to be made from one piece and the circle from the other, what should be the lengths of both the shops so that the total area of the square and circle is minimum?
One Find the resistance of the new wire if its length is halved by bending the resistance wire.
In an empty pot On The mixture is made by mixing the same mass as. What part of the total pressure will be generated by?
A dice is tossed twice and the sum of the numbers revealed is found to be 6. Find the restricted probability of the number 4 appearing at least once.
At the center of a deep There is a pointwise charge of. Find the value of net electrical flux passing through the page of the depth.
An isosceles triangle ABC in which AB = AC = 6 cm is located inside a circle of radius 9 cm. Find the area of the triangle.
The sum of the area of the two squares is 640 square meters. If there is a difference of 64 meters in their result, find the sides of the squares.
A square loop of side 10 cm is placed vertically in the east-west plane. Loop resistance And a uniform magnetic field of 0.10 T is established across the plane in the northeast direction. If the magnetic field is uniformly reduced to 0.70 s, then the induced electric-carrying force and current in this period Find the value.
And Two resistors with resistance are connected in parallel. Evaluate the equivalent resistance.

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