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Question From class 14 Chapter AVERAGE (???)

???????????? ?? ??? ??? 50kg, 2 ???????????? ?? ??? ??? 51kg, ?? 2, ?? ?????????? ????? ??? ??? 55kg ?? ????? ?? ???? ?? ? ?? ??? ???????????? ?? ??? ??? ????? ??? ?





Answer :


Solution :

According to question , <br> Required Average = <br>

The average weight of a class of 24 students is 35 kg. If the weight of the teacher be included, the average rises by 400 g. The weight of the teacher is (a) 45 kg    (b) 50 kg    (c) 53 kg    (d) 55 kg
What will be the quantity of water in the body of a person weighing 50 kg? (a) 20 kg        (b) 35 kg      (c) 41 kg      (d) 42.5 kg
If 9kg of rice costs Rs. 120.60, what will 50kg of such a quality of rice cost?
12 ??????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??, ?? 1 ????? ????? ??? 55kg ??, ?? ????? ??????? ???????????? ???? ?? ? ?? ??????? ?? ??? ????? ??? ?
At what separation should two equal charges 1.0 C each, be placed so that the force between them equals the weight of a 50 kg person?
If 25 bags of wheat each weighing 40 kg cost Rs. 2750, then the cost of 35 bags of wheat, if each bag weighs 50 kg is
The mean weight of 6 boys is 48 kg. If the actual weights of five boys are 51 kg, 49 kg, 43 kg,52 kg, and 46 kg. The weight of the sixth boy is
If 9 kg of rice costs Rs. 120.60, what will 50 kg of such a quality of rice cost ?(ii) Fifteen postcards cost Rs. 2.25. What will be the cost of 36 postcards? How many postcards can we buy in Rs 45 ?
A man is running at a speed of If all the kinetic energy of the man be uses to increase the temperature of water from how much water can be beated with this energy?
???? ????? ??? 25 ?????????? ?? ??? ?? ??? 50kg ?? ? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ??? , ?? ??? ??? 1kg ?? ???? ?? ? ??????? ?? ??? ????? ??? ?
The mean weight per student in a group of 7 students is 55 kg. The individual weights of 6 of them (in kg) are 52,54,55,53,56 and 54. Find the weight of the seventh student.
A body of mass 50 kg, suspended by two strings of lengths 30 cm and 40 cm fastend to two points in the same horizontal line 50 cm apart, is in equilibrium. Find the tension (in Newtons) in each string.
Two sphereical bodies, each of mass 50 kg, are placed at a separation of 20 cm. Equal charges are placed on the bodies and it is found that the force of Coulomb repulsion equals the grativational attraction in magnitude. Find the magnitude of the charge placed on either body.
Mr. Verma (50kg) and Mr. Mathur (60kg) are sitting at the two extremes of a 4 m long boat (40 kg) standing still in water. To discuss a mechanics problem, they come to the middle of the boat. Neglecting frictioin with water how far does the boat move on the water during the process?
the mean weight of students in a certain class is The mean of boys in the class is and that of girls is The number of boys and the number of girls in the class, are respectively
Two men and of masses and respectively are at rest on a frictionless surface as shown in figure. If pushes with relative velocity then find velocity of just after the push. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_JEE(M)_2019_CBT7_E01_018_Q01.png" width="80%">
Following frequency distribution given the weights of 38 students of a class: Weight in Kg: 31-35 36-40  41-45 46-50  51-55  56-60  61-65  66-70  71-75 No. of students9 5 14 3 1 2 2 1 1 Find the probability that weight of a student in the class is: (i)at most 60 kg  (ii)at least 36 kg (iii)not more than 50kg. Also define two events in this context, one having probability 0 and the other having probability 1.
is equal to

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