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Question From class 14 Chapter AVERAGE (औसत)

किसी विद्यालय में, 50 विद्यर्थियो की कक्षा में 30 छात्राओ का औसत भार 16 kg तथा अन्य छात्रों का औसत भार 15.5 kg है । पूरी कक्षा का औसत भार ज्ञात करे?

15.2 kg

15.8 kg

15.4 kg

15.6 kg

Answer :


Solution :

According to the question <br> Average <br> kg

Chlorine is two institutions in nature having atomic weight of 35 and 37. Is found in the ratio of Hence the average atomic mass of chlorine will be
The kinetic energy of a truck and a tax is the same. The weight of the truck is 16 times the tax load. The ratio of linear momentum to truck and tax is-
In which case the average speed and average velocity of the moving object are equal?
A car covers a distance of 25 km in 30 minutes and it takes 45 minutes to cover the next 25 m. Calculate the average speed of the car for the entire journey.
The weight of P is twice that of Q, the weight of Q is half that of R, the weight of R is 3 times that of T. T&#39;s weight is half of S&#39;s weight. Q&#39;s weight is more than that of P, R, S and T.
The weight of P is twice that of Q, the weight of Q is half that of R, the weight of R is 3 times that of T. The weight of T is half of S, the weight of Q is more than that of P, Q, R and S.
The atomic weight of an element is approximately 26.89 and its equivalent weight is 9, then the apparent atomic weight of the metal will be
A compound is made up of X and Y elements. The equivalent weight of X is one-fourth of its atomic weight and the equivalent weight of Y is half of its atomic weight. The formula of the compound is
7.5 Weight of an object of specific density in air
The average of 8 persons of a family increases to 1 kg gram, then one member, who weighs 60 kg, is replaced by another person. The weight of the new person (km, in) is
A company employs 30 employees and their average salary is RS 500. Another company employs 20 employees and their average salary is RS 600. What is the average salary of the employees due to both companies?
At what point will the definition of the average velocity of an object be equal to its average speed?
The weight of an object on the Moon is approximately how many times its weight on Earth?
Which one of the following is the equivalent weight of sulfuric acid <br> (Atomic weight H = 1, S = 32, O = 16)
The weight of a piece of metal is 210 grams in air and the weight in water is 180 grams and 120 grams in an unknown liquid. Density of metal is

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