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Question From class 14 Chapter AVERAGE (औसत)

एक कक्षा में 40 लड़के है तथा उनकी औसत आयु 16 वर्ष है । एक लड़का जिसकी आयु 17 वर्ष है । कक्षा से चला जाता है तथा एक अन्य लड़का कक्षा में सम्मलित हो जाता है । तो औसत आयु वर्ष हो जाता है । तो नए लड़के की आयु क्या है :

12 years

14.5 years

15 years

17 years

Answer :


Solution :

लड़को की आयु का योग =16x40=635 <br> लडको की नयी उम्र = 15.875 x 40 = 635 <br> अंतर =640-635 <br> 5 years <br> 17-x=5 <br> x=17-5 =12 years <br> Alternate <br> औसत कम हो गया इसका मतलब है की क्लास में जो नया छात्र आये है उसका वजन क्लास छोड़नेवाले छात्र के वजन से कम है <br> Let the age of boy who join =x <br> 17-x=difference in average <br> <br> 17-x=5 <br> x=12

The average age of 19 boys in a class is 21 years. If the teacher&#39;s age is included, then it increases to 22 years. How old is the teacher?
The average age of a father and his son is 22 years. The ratio of their ages respectively Is Accordingly, how old is the son?
The average age of a cricket team is 27 years. Out of these, new players aged 24 and 27 came. So what is the average age of the team now?
The average age of 30 students is 15 years. If the teacher&#39;s age is also included, the average age increases by one year. Teacher&#39;s age is
Today is Ketan&#39;s birthday. After one year from now, his age will double from 10 years ago. What is Ketan&#39;s present age?
The mother&#39;s age in a family is twice the age of the daughter. 10 years older than father. The brother is 20 years younger than his mother and 5 years older than his sister. What is the father&#39;s age?
3 years ago, the average age of a husband, his wife and their child was 27 years and the average age of a 5-year-old wife and the same child was 20 years. Accordingly, what is the present age of the husband?
The sum of the ages of a mother and Uki Veti is 60 years and the difference in age between them is 30 years, then how old is the mother&#39;s age.
A, B, C, D are four friends. The average age of A and C is 35 years and the average age of B and D is 40 years. The sum of the ages of A and D is equal to the sum of the ages of B and C. Find the ages (in years) of A, B, C and D.
Now the age of a father is twice the present age of his son. After 5 years the sum of his age will be 85 years. What is his age now?
The ratio of a person being 45 years of age and up to 70 years of age is 7: 5 and till his wife is 36 and 61 years of age, his ratio is 5: 3. Find the probability. (I) Husband and wife live for 25 years. (ii) One of the husband and wife lives for 25 years.
Your age is half to 10 years of work of your mother who is 5 years younger than your father. If your father is 45 years old then what is your age?
A man is 3 years older than his wife and four times older than his son. If after three years, the son&#39;s age will be 15 years, then what is the age of Perni at this time?
Ratio of present age of Pankaj and Puneet And the sum of their ages is 33 years. What is the difference (in years) in their age?
The sum of the ages of a girl and her mother is 56 years. After 4 years, the mother&#39;s age will be 3 times the daughter&#39;s age. What is his age respectively?

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