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Question From class 14 Chapter AVERAGE (औसत)

किसी क्रिकेट खिलाड़ी द्वारा खेली गयी 99 पारीयो में उसके द्वारा बनाये गए रनो का औसत 99, है। 100वी पारी में उसे कितने रन बनाने होंगे ताकी 100 पारीयो का उसके रनो का औसत 100 हो जाए?





Answer :


Solution :

99 x 99 + k=100 x 100 <br> k=199 <br> Alternate: <br> In innings average increased by 1 Runs scored in 100th innings =100 x 1 +99 =199

The average score of students in a class is 43. If the average score of 25 boys is 40 and the average score of girls is 48, what is the number of girls in the class?
Heat of a gas Increased from It is done. <br> (i) How many times will the square mean root velocity of its molecules become? <br> (ii) How many times will the average kinetic energy of the molecules become?
By which experiment was it proved that the entire mass of an atom is located at its center?
When the weight of an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by it, then
50% of a first-class process is finished in 10 minutes. In how much time 99% of this reaction will be completed?
Which metal is displaced by iron in its salt solution?
Under what conditions will the change occur when heat is absorbed by a body? <br> Heat absorption only works.
At what point will the definition of the average velocity of an object be equal to its average speed?
In 100 seconds, the amount of a substance remains one-third by the reaction of the first grade, how long will it be the ninth part of its initial volume?
Explain the difference between the following with examples- <br> (i) The magnitude of the displacement (sometimes also called the distance) in a period of time and the total length of the path traveled by a particle during the same interval. <br> (ii) The magnitude of the average velocity at a given time interval and the average speed at the same interval (the average speed of a particle in a given time interval is defined as the total path length divided by the time interval) Show that both a and b The second sign is greater than or equal to the first. When is the symbol of parity true? (For simplicity consider only unidimensional motion.)
In an examination, the sum of marks in Rijuta&#39;s math and English is 30. If he gets 2 marks more in Mathematics and 3 marks less in English, then the product of the marks obtained by him is 210. Find the marks obtained by him in subjects separately.
If the temperature of a gas is increased From If done, for its molecules - <br> (i) How many times will the original mean speed be <br> (ii) How many times will the average translational kinetic energy become?
The transfer of energy from one nutrient level to another is governed by the second law of thermodynamics. The average efficiency of energy transfer from vegetarians to non-vegetarians is-
Under what conditions will the change occur when heat is absorbed by a body? <br> Absorption of heat boils only in internal energy.
Under what conditions will the change occur when heat is absorbed by a body? <br> Absorption of heat only boils in the enthalpy.

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