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Question From class 14 Chapter PROFIT & LOSS

किसी वस्तु के विक्रय मूल्य का 4% उसके क्रय मूल्य कै 5% कै बराबर है। पुन: विक्रय मूल्य 20% उसके क्रय मूल्य के 22% से 120 रू अधिक है। क्रय मूल्य और विक्रय मूल्य का अनुपात बताइए?

Answer :


Solution :

According to the question <br> <br>

A cooperative store has 10 dozen books of physics, 8 dozen books of chemistry and 5 dozen books of mathematics. The selling price of each is Rs 8.30 and Rs 3.45 respectively. What will be the price on selling all books of the cooperative store? Solve with Matrices method.
A shopkeeper makes a profit equal to the cost price by selling a piece for Rs. 24. Find the cost price of the piece.
If the value of a book is increased by 10%, then for Rs 1,200, he can buy an additional 10 books. Find the actual value of the book.
The heavier coins are of value. Ram coin is heavier than Mohan coin and more valuable than Ramesh coin. Naresh coin is more valuable than Raj coin but lighter than Yogesh coin. Ramesh&#39;s coin is costlier than Mohan&#39;s coin. So who has the most valuable coin?
Power of a heater is kW and the voltage of the source is 220 V. Calculate the following. <br> (i) magnitude of current (ii) resistance of heater <br> (iii) So the energy spent in the hour (iv) its value (if the value of 1 kWh is Rs. 1.25.
A house has 5 220-volt-40 watt electrical bulbs. Light bulbs burn at the rate of 5 per day for 30 days. If the value of electric energy is 50 paise per unit, find the value of the following- (1) Equivalent resistance to the combination of electric bulbs, (li) Number of spent power units, (fii) Value of spent power.
A typographer Rs.145 for 10 English and 3 Hindi pages and Rs. 3 for English and 10 Hindi pages. Takes 180 typing. Using the matrix, find the typographical value of 1 English and 1 Hindi pages separately. A poor student, Shyam, typed in 5 Hindi pages of Rs. Takes 2 / page. Thus, how low did the poor boy pay? Which property is represented by this problem?
An electric heater takes a current of 10 A from a 220 V source. If this electric heater is used daily for 5 hours, then how much will it cost in 30 days? (The price of 1 unit is Rs. 3)
On any object After giving a discount of Rs. 2500, it is sold for Rs. What will be its face value?
Two statements 1 and 2 are given following the statements given below. Even if there is a difference in the commonly known facts, both the statements should be considered as true. You have to decide which of the given options is definitely taken from the given statements. <br> Statements: If there is a famine, then the value of substances increases. Price has gone up. <br> Conclusions: I. Famine <br> II. The currency is depreciated.
A statement is given, followed by two predictions I, and II. You have to consider whether the statement is true even if it seems to be at variance from commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the given statements can definitely be made from the given prediction. Specify your answer. <br> Statement: The life values of an educated person will be different from that of an uneducated person. <br> Prediction: I. Education impacts on a person&#39;s life values., <br> II. An illiterate person will have no value.
In the following questions one or two statements are given, followed by two conclusions / assumptions, I and II. You have to consider that the statement is true even if it seems to be different from commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the given statements can definitely lead to correct conclusions / assumptions. Specify your answer. <br> Statements: The values of an educated person will be different from those of an illiterate person. <br> Assumption I: Education has an impact on a person&#39;s life-values. <br> II: An illiterate person has no life value.
In a house, 15 electric lamps of 100 watts burn for 6 hours daily. A refrigerator of 300 baht also works for 10 hours a day. What is the electricity price to be paid in a month at the rate of ₹ 2.50 per unit?
When the weight of an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by it, then
220V-250W is written on an electric bulb. If the cost of electric energy is ₹ 4.0 per kWh-hour, how much will be spent in 5 days for burning electric power at 10 V / day in 200V mains

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