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Question From class 14 Chapter NUMBER SYSTEM

एक कक्षा मे छात्रों का लड़कियां हैं तथा शेष लड़के हैं यदि लडकियों का और लडकों के छात्र अनुपस्थित हैं, तो कुल विद्यार्थियों की संख्या का कितना भाग उपस्थित है।

Answer :


Solution :

माना कि कुल छात्रों की संख्या 180 है। <br> लड़कियों की संख्या <br> <br> लड़कों की संख्या <br> <br> अनुपस्थित लड़कियों की संख्या <br> <br> अनुपस्थित लड़कों की संख्या <br> कुल अनुपस्थित छात्रों की संख्या <br> <br> उपस्थित छात्रों की संख्या <br> उपस्थित छात्रों का भाग

In a school, 60% of the total students are boys. If the number of girls in the school is 300, then the number of boys will be:
A teacher arranges his students as a concrete class for a drill, with 24 students remaining. If he increases the class size by adding 1 student, then 25 students fall. Find the number of students.
If the sum of one half of a number and one fifth of that number is one third of that number If there are more numbers
in an office Employees are women, among women Married and married women Have children. If of men Married and married men Has children, how much of the workforce is without children?
Some people are some boys and dogs. If the total number of heads is 7 and the total number of legs (legs) is 20, then tell how many boys and how many dogs are there.
In a class of 50 students, 25 students play hockey, 30 students play football and 8 students do not play any sport. Name the number of students who play both hockey and football?
The product of a two-digit number of digits is 14. When adding 45 to the number. So the locations of the digits change. Find the number.
In a compound, atoms of element Y form the ccp lattice and atoms of element X surround 2/3 of the tetrahedral vacancies. The formula of the compound will be:
10 students of class 10 participated in a math puzzle competition if the number of girls is 4 more than the number of boys. So find the number of boys and girls participating in the competition.
The three consecutive positive integers are such that the sum of the squares of the first number and the product of the remaining two is 46. Find the integer.
In a gaseous mixture And NO are 2, 4 and 3 moles respectively. If the total pressure of the mixture is 3 atmospheres, the partial pressure of NO will be
If the sum of the three consecutive digits is 15, what is the square of the middle digit?
There are a total of 12 questions in a question paper, out of which only six questions have to be answered. Each of the six questions is given a choice. Each question has four parts. <br> How many questions are there, including the parts of each question in the question paper?
Some amount of ammonia is entered into a flask, in which some amount of ammonia is already filled at 0.50 atmosphere pressure at a certain temperature. By separation And Are formed and the total pressure of equilibrium becomes 0.84. The equilibrium constant of the reaction will be:
Four students ABCD are sitting in four corners of a square, one in each corner, and all of them are facing the center of the square. Student E sitting in the center faces only C and student A faces E&#39;s back. If D is seated to the right of E, then B will be seated next to E?

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