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Question From class 14 Chapter MENSURATION

किसी समान्तर चतुर्भुजों की असमान भुजाएं 15 cm तथा 18 cm है। यदि छोटी भुजाओं के बीच दूरी 12 cm है तब बड़ी भुजाओं के बीच दूरी ज्ञात करें?

8 cm

10 cm

12 cm

15 cm

Answer :


Solution :

<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RKY_MATH_C21_E01_183_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> समानान्तर चतुर्भुज का क्षेत्रफल <br> <br> <br> समानान्तर चतुर्भुज का क्षेत्रफल <br> <br> <br> <br> बड़ी भुजाओं के बीच की दूरी

The height of the two poles is 6 meters and 11 meters and is standing vertically on the flat ground. If the distance between their legs is 12 meters, find the distance between their heads.
The height of two pillars standing vertically on a playground is 9 meters and 14 meters. If the distance between their feet is 12 meters, find the distance between their heads.
The visible and focus distances of a combined microscope are 2 cm and 15 cm. An object is placed at a distance of 2.5 cm from the invisible and the final image is formed at the minimum distance of clear vision. Find the distance between the lenses and the magnification capacity of the device.
The relative velocity in two parallel layers of water is 8.0 cm / s and the distance between the layers is 0.1 cm. Find the velocity gradient.
For normal adjustment, the distance between the visible and the ophthalmic of an astronomical telescope is 105 cm and the magnification is 20. If the telescope is pulled 5 cm outward, the telescope is focused to the nearest object and the final reflection is at infinity, then find the distance of the object and in this case the magnification of the telescope.
The distance between the poles of a rod magnet is 10 cm. Find the ratio of magnetic fields at two points on its axis at 15 cm and 20 cm from its midpoint.
An object 5.0 cm high is placed at a distance of 25 cm from a converging lens of 10 cm focus-point. Find the position, size and nature of the image
If the object is positioned 40 cm from a convex mirror of 40 cm focus-distance, then the distance between it and its image will be.
The midpoint of the sides of a triangle And Is, find the coordinates of its head.
The angular magnification of an astronomical telescope is 5 for distant objects. The distance between the visual and the optic is 36 cm and the final image is made at infinity. Find the focus and the focus distance of the ophthalmic.
The reflection of an object is made 10 cm away from the lens by a concave lens with a 15 cm focus-distance. Remove object&#39;s distance and magnification from lens
If the object (object) is between the focal length of the convex lens and twice the focus-distance, the image
The magnification capacity of a telescope is 20 and the distance between its object lens and eye lens is 42 cm for normal vision. The focus distances of the object lens and eye lens are respectively
The convex lens of an object is placed between twice and beyond the double focus-distance of the lens. The reflection on the other side of the lens will be between focus-distance and double-focus distance
The focus-distance of the visible and ophthalmic of a combined microscope is 2 cm and 5 cm respectively. If the final image is made at 25 cm from the ophthalmic, then remove the object from the invisible. Distance between visual and ophthalmic = 20 cm.

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