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Question From class 14 Chapter AVERAGE (औसत)

मंगलवार, बुधवार और वीरवार का औसत तापमान 41 डिग्री और बुधवार, गुरूवार और शुक्रवार का औसत तापमान 40 डिग्री था यदि शुक्रवार को वास्तव में 39 डिग्री तापमान था, तो मंगलवार का तापमान क्या था ?

42 degrees डिग्री

46 degrees डिग्री

23 degrees डिग्री

26 degrees डिग्री

Answer :


Solution :

Tue + Wed + Thu = …(i) <br> Wed + Thu+Fri = …(ii) <br> (i)-(ii) <br> After solving both , we get <br> Tue - Fri = <br> Tue = +Fri <br>

The average of the first six days of temperatures a month C and the sum of the temperature of the first five days of the same month C was What was the temperature on the sixth day of that month?
The initial volume of a gas after increasing its temperature by 1 degree Part of it does not grow at high pressure. Why?
Increasing the temperature increases the pressure of the gas, because at higher temperatures
After increasing the temperature, the pressure of the gas goes away, because at high temperature
Fahrenheit and Celsius are two measures of measuring heat. What is the temperature when the recorded numerical value of a temperature is the same in both the scales?
The average score of students in a class is 43. If the average score of 25 boys is 40 and the average score of girls is 48, what is the number of girls in the class?
And The critical temperatures of K are 647 K, 405.6K, 304.10 K and 154.2K respectively. If they are cooled to their critical temperature from 500 K, then the liquid will first be:
Which organic material was first created in the laboratory and who made it?
200 ml 1 M HCI and 400 moly Solution temperature The latter goes if the water equivalent of the meter is 12 grams and the dissolved heat of the solution is 1 gram / ml and the specific heat is 1 chlori / mole / degree, then the neutralization heat of HCI and NaOH is known.
The reason for the increase in the velocity of the reaction due to temperature increase is-
A centigrade thermometer and a Fahrenheit thermometer are poured into boiling water. The water temperature is lowered until the Fahrenheit thermometer shows a temperature of half its high stationary point value. What will be the decrease of heat corresponding to the above in a centigrade thermometer?
A company employs 30 employees and their average salary is RS 500. Another company employs 20 employees and their average salary is RS 600. What is the average salary of the employees due to both companies?
At what temperature, The rms velocity of the gas displayed will be doubled?
When Lemary classified substances in 1675, the following substances were unknown:
The five numbers p, q, r, s, t are such that the average of p, q, and r is 5, and the average of s and t is 10. What is the average of all five numbers?

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