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Question From class 14 Chapter PERCENTAGE (प्रतिशतता)

एक विद्यालय में लड़के तथा लड़कियों का योग 150 है। यदि लड़को की संख्या x है, तो लड़कियों की संख्या लड़के तथा लड़कियों की कुल संख्या का x% हो जाता है, तो लड़को की संख्या ज्ञात करे ?

Answer :


Solution :

(d) Number of boys (लड़को की संख्या) = x <br> Number of boys (राम) = (150-x) <br> According to the question (प्रश्नानुसार), <br> <br> <br> <br> x = 60 <br> Hence, the required number of boys (लड़को की अभीष्ट संख्या) = 60

The average score of students in a class is 43. If the average score of 25 boys is 40 and the average score of girls is 48, what is the number of girls in the class?
Ratio of number of girls and boys in a city Is If the total number of boys and girls in the city is 190, then how many girls are there in the city?
The sum of the digits of the two-digit number is 9. If 27 is added to the number. So the digits are changed. Then the number is.
The mass of a single negative ion is 37. If the number of neutrons in an ion is greater than the number of electrons If more, find the symbol of ion.
In a school, 60% of the total students are boys. If the number of girls in the school is 300, then the number of boys will be:
In a row of boys, Srinath is seventh from the left and Venkat is twelfth from the right. If he changes his place, Srinath becomes 22nd from the left. How many boys are there in the row?
X and Y are synutronic. Their mass numbers are 70 and 72 respectively. If the atomic number of X is 34, what will be the atomic number of Y?
The first and last terms of a parallel series are 17 and 350 respectively. If the constant is 9, find the number of terms and the sum of the total posts.
Some people are some boys and dogs. If the total number of heads is 7 and the total number of legs (legs) is 20, then tell how many boys and how many dogs are there.
The LCM of two numbers is 14 times their HCF. The sum of their LCM and HCF is 600. If one number is 280, find the other number.
Is a two-digit number. When this number is divided by the sum of its digits, the quotient is 7. If 27 is subtracted from this number, then 27 is subtracted from the number, then the place of the digits of the number changes among themselves. Then find the number.
If the number of rounds in the primary and secondary coils is doubled before that, then the reciprocal induction
Prove that if p is a prime number then Is an irrational number.
A two-digit number is 5 times the sum of its digits and multiplied by its digits is 5 more than double. Find the number.
A bag contains 4 white and some red balls. If the probability of removing a red ball from the bag is twice the 1% of the probability of removing a white ball, find the number of red balls in the bag.

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