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Question From class 9 Chapter रेखाएं और कोण

यदि दो कोण एक - दूसरे के सम्पूरक है, तो दोनों कोनों का योग क्या है ?

Solution :

The two positive charges which lie at a distance of 0.3 m from each other, illuminate each other with a force of 2.4 newtons. If the sum of both charges is 10 microcells, find their different values.
The sum of the area of two squares is 468 m. is. If the difference of their perimeters is 24 m. Find the sides of both the squares.
Two coils And They are kept close to each other in such a way that the entire flux of one coil is connected to the other. If there is reciprocity between the two then -
The angle of depression of two ships from a 100 meter high lighthouse and If one ship is just behind the other, find the distance between the two ships.
The horizontal distance between the two pillars is 15 meters. Angle of depression from the top of one column to the top of the other column If the height of the second column is 24 meters, find the height of the first column.
A triangle with equal angles is drawn on one side of a right angled triangle. In which the perpendicular is twice the base. So prove that the area of the triangle on the hypotenuse is the same as the sum of the areas of the other two triangles.
Two cards are removed one after the other from the bone of 52 cards. If the card is not placed again in the bone after exit, what is the probability that both the leaves are of bricks?
If two angles of a triangle are respectively And So, what is the third angle?
In a box White and There are black balls. Two balls are randomly released one after the other. If the balls are not put again in the box, what is the probability that both balls are black?
If the sum of two numbers is 6, then the sum of their inversions will have the lowest value -
The sum of the digits of the two-digit number is 9. If 27 is added to the number. So the digits are changed. Then the number is.
The horizontal distance between the two trees is 60 meters. When looking at the top of a tree from one tree to another, the angle of depression Is If the height of the second tree is 80 meters, find the height of the first tree.
The LCM of two numbers is 14 times their HCF. The sum of their LCM and HCF is 600. If one number is 280, find the other number.
If two dice are thrown together, find the probability that the sum of the numbers obtained above both dice is greater than 9.
There is a difference of 6 in the sum of the ages of the mother and the age of her two daughters. The average age of both daughters is 22. How old is mother?

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