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Question From class 11 Chapter VECTORS

While travelling from one station to another , a car travels , and . The minimum distance between the two station is

Answer :


Solution :

<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/CPS_V01_C03_E01_031_S01.png" width="80%">

A person goes north and east. What will be displacement from initial point ?
A car travels due east on a level road for . It then turns due north at an intersection and travels before stopping. Find the resultant displacement of the car.
A body travel a distance of 3 km towards East, then 4 km towards North and finally 9 km towards East. <br> (i) What is the total distance travelled ? <br> (ii) What is the resultant displacement ?
????? ?? ????? ??? 40 km ?? ???????? ?? ?????? ?????? ?????!
A car A moves along north with velocity 30 km/h and another car B moves along east with velocity 40 km/h. The relative velocity of A with respect to B is
A person moving on earth's surface starts from north pole & moves 500 km towards south and then moves 1000 km towards east and then again moves 500 km towards north and stops. The displacement of the person is:
A train starting from one station accelerates uniformly over a distance of , moves with a constant speed over , retards uniformly over the last coming to a stop at another station away from the first station. Draw velocity distance graph of the train.
A ship is travelling due east at a speed of Find the speed of a boat heading east of north if it appears always due north from the ship.
A body moves due East with velocity and then due North with velocity . The resultant velocity
Ship A is located 4 km north and 3 km east of ship B. Ship A has a velocity of towards the south and ship B is moving at in a direction north of east. X and Y-axes are along east and north directions, respectively
??? ?? ??????? L ????? ?? ????? ?? ?? 12 ?? ?? ???? ?? ? ?? ??? ????? ?? ??? 5 ??. ?? .???? ?? ? M ????? ?? ??????? ?? ?? L ?? M ?? ??? ?? ??????? ???? ???? ???? ?
Two ships move from a point at the same time. First ship moves at the speed of 24 km/hr at angle from north to east and second ship moves at the speed of 32 km/hr at angle from south to east. Find the distance between them after 3 hours.
Two cars cover the distance between two station in 2 hours. The first car covers the first half of the distance at 20 km ph and the seconds half at 60 km ph and the second car covers the distance with uniform acceleration, starting with a velocity of 10 km ph. At what instant/instants will the two cars have the same velocity ?
A train started from station A and proceeded towards station B at a speed of 48 km/hr. Forty-five minutes later another train started from station B and proceeded towards station a at 50 km/hr. If the distance between the two stations is 232 km, at what distance from station A will the trains meet? b. c. d. none of these
A train starts form station at 1pm and reaches station at 3pm, after travelling 108 km. It halts at station for one hour and then starts for station which is 42 km from station . It reaches station at 7pm on the same day. The average speed of the train for the whole journey from to is

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