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Question From class 11 Chapter GRAVITATION

What is the true weight of an object in a geostationary satellite that weighed exactly 1.0 N at the north pole?

Answer :


Solution :

For geostatioN/Ary satellite <br> <br> <br> Given <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>

An object weighs at north pole of Earth. In a geostationary satellite distance from centre of Earth (of radius ), what will be its (a) true weight (b) apparent weight?
At what positions, the neutral points will lie for a bar magnet when magnetic axis of magnet is lying in the magnetic meridian <br> (i) with N-pole of magnet pointing North <br> (ii) with S-pole of magnet pointing North?
A solid weighs in air. Its weight decreases by when weighed in water what is the density of solid?
An object is weighted at the North Pole by a beam balance and a spring balance, giving readings of and respectively. It is again weighed in the same manner at the equator, giving readings of and respectively. Assume that the acceleration due to gravity is the same everywhere and that the balance are quite sensitive, Choose the wrong option
A satellite is to be stationed in an orbit such that it can be used for relay purpose (such a satellite is called a Geostationary satellite). The conditions such a satellite should fulfill is/are :
The radius of the circular path of a geostationary satellite was inadvertently made larger than the correct radius r = 42000 km Calculate the difference in angular peed of the satellite and the earth. If the satellite was exactly above a house on the equator on a particular day, what will be angular separation between the house and the satellite a year later?
The figure ,shows a transparent sphere of radius and refractive index .An object is placed at a distance from the pole of the first surface so that a real image is formed at the pole of the exactly opposite surface. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NG_PHY_RO_C01_E01_113_Q01.png" width="80%"> if an object is Placed at a distance from the pole of first surface ,then the real image is formed at a distance from thepole of the second surface.The refractive index of the spher is given by
A satellite is revolving around the earth in an orbit of radius double that of the parking orbit and revolving in same sense. Find the periodic time duration between two instants when this satellite is closest to a geostationary satellite.
What is a geostationary statellite? What are the basic requirements for such a satellite?
Assertion: Geostationary satellite appear fixed from any point on earth. <br> Reason: The time period of geostationary satellite is hrs
A geostationary satellite is one
The geostationalry orbit oif the earth is at a distance of about 36000 km from the earth's surface. Find the weight of a 120 kg equipment placed in a geostationary satellite. The radius of the earth is 6400 km.
Statement I: If time period of a satellite revolving in circular orbit in equatorial plane is , then it must be a, geostationary satellite. <br> Statement II: Time period of a geostationary satellite is .
A horizontal circular loop carries a current that looks clockwise when viewed from above. It is replaced by an equivalent magnetic dipole consisting of a south pole and a north pole .
A satellite can be in a geostationary orbit around earth in an orbit of radius . If the angular velocity of earth about its axis doubles, a satellite can now be in a geostationary orbit aroun earth radius

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