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Question From class 11 Chapter SURFACE TENSION

Two capillaries made of same material but of different radii are dipped in a liquid. The rise of liquid in one capillary is 2.2 cm and that in the other is 6.6 cm . The ratio of their radii is

Answer :


Two capillaries made of the same material with radii and . The rise of the liquid in one capillary ( ) is 30 cm , then the rise in the other will be
Two capillary tubes of radii 0.2 cm and 0.4 cm are dipped in the same liquid at an angle of with the vertical. The ratio of heights through which liquid will rise in the tubes is
Two capillary tubes of radii 0.2 cm and 0.4 cm are dipped in the same liquid. The ratio of height through which liquid will rise in the tube is
When two capillary tubes of different diameters are dipped vertically, the rise of the liquid is
Capillary tubes of diameters 1,1.5,2 mm are are dipped vertically in the same liquid. The capillary ascents of the liquid in the tube are in the ratio
Two spheres made of different materials but having the same mass, hace radii in the ratio of 3 : 4. Find the ratio of their densities.
The sum of the radii of two different circles is 18.5 cm and the difference of their circumference is 22 cm. Find their radii
In a capillary tube of radius 0.2 mm the water rises up to height of 7.5 cm with angle of contact equal to zero. If another capillary with same radius but of different material dipped in the same liquid. The height of water raised in capillary will be, if angle of contact becomes
A concavo-convex lens is made of glass of refractive index The radii of curvature of its two surfaces are and Its focal length when placed in a liquid of refractive index is
The volumes of two spheres are in the ratio and the sum of their radii is 7 cm. The difference in their total surface area is
There are two organ pipes of exactly the same length and material but of different radii. The frequencies of their fundamental notes are such that
Two discs of same thickness but of different radii are made of two different materials such that their masses are same. The densities of the materials are in the ratio of The moments of inertia of these discs about the respective axes passing through their centres and perpendicular to their planes will be in the ratio of
A capillary tube of radius 0.25 mm is dipped vertically in a liquid of density and of surface tension . The angle of contact of liquid -glass is given by If the rise of liquid in the capillary tube is.. Cm
If a liquid rises to the same height in two capillaries of the same material at the same temperature, then
Two capillaries of same length and radii in the ratio are connected in series. A liquid flows through them in streamlined condition. If the pressure across the two extreme ends of the combination is 1 m of water, the pressure difference across first capillary is

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