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Question From class 11 Chapter मात्रक, मापन तथा त्रुटि विश्लेषण

किसी पेंचमापी की अल्पतमांक 0.01 मिमी है। इस यन्त्र की सहायता से 2 मिमी मोटाई मापने में प्रतिशत त्रुटि ज्ञात कीजिए।

Answer :


The area of the cross section of the cylindrical tube of a spray pump is 8.0 cm is. There are 40 micro holes of 1.0 mm diameter at one end of this tube. If the rate of flow of fluid within this tube is 1.5 m / min, find the speed of expulsion of the fluid passing through the holes.
Find the percentage error in the area of the ellipse if there is an error of 1% in the measurement of its long and short axes.
Two simple aerodynamics are mounted in a mercury filled Nand, one has a diameter of 4 mm and the other has a diameter of 6 mm. The height of the column of mercury in the first drain is 76 cm.
In one use of the duma method, 0.204 g of an organic compound 18.6 ml moist at heat and 756 mm pressure Received. If If the vapor pressure of the water is 14.5 mm, find the percentage of nitrogen in the compound.
A parallel plate capacitor is partially filled with a 6 mm ebony plate. The area of the plate of this capacitor is Is m. Distance between plates Is m. Find the capacitance of the capacitor if the parabolic index of abunus is 3.
The radius of a sphere is 9 cm measured with an error 003 cm. Find the approximate error in the calculation of its volume.
On the surface of a square conductor plate of 10 cm side and negligible thickness, the 20 microcellom charge is uniformly dissimilar. (A) Find the intensity of the area valid 1 mm apart from the center of the plate. <br> (B) Find the intensity of the area valid at a distance of 10 m by assuming the plate as a point charge.
The 0.2046 gram organic compound gives 30.4 ml of moist nitrogen at 15 ° C and 732.7 mm pressure by the method of Duma. The vapor pressure of water at 15 ° C temperature is 12.7 mm and 1 liter of nitrogen at normal heat pressure is 1.25 grams. Find the percentage of nitrogen in organic matter.
The aluminum wire has a radius of 0.25 mm and a length of 75 meters. If the resistance of the wire is 10 ohms, find the resistivity of aluminum.
A narrow U-shaped tube is opened from both ends by connecting two narrow tubes of 3.0 mm and 6.0 mm diameter together. If this tube is full of water, then what is the difference between the levels of water filled in both arms of this tube? Surface tension of water at the temperature of use is. Take the tangent angle zero and the density of water Take it. (g = 9.8 m / s) )
The length of a wire is 1 meter diameter 0.2 mm and resistance is 10 ohms. Find the specific resistivity of wire material
The velocity of water on the banks of the river is low and high in the middle. Display this velocity distribution with the help of a diagram.
Equal load is hung on two wires made of the same material. If Meter, Mm, Meter, If mm is the length of which wire is the increase greater?
The radius of a sphere is measured 9 cm with an error of 0.03 cm Find the approximate error in the calculation of its volume
A sphere of radius 7 m with a 0.02 m error was measured. Find the approximate error in calculating its volume

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