The mercury manometer consists if two unequal arms of equal cross section

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be the pressures in centimetre of mercury in the two arms ater introducing mercury in the tube. Suppose the mercury column rises in the second arm to

. <br> using

(80cm) (50cm)= p_(1)(50cm-10cm) <br> or, p_(1)=100cm

Using pV=constant fir the longer arm, <br>

....(ii) <br> From the figure, <br>

. <br> Thus by (i) <br>


. <br> Putting in (ii), <br>

<br> or,

<br> or,

. <br> The requrired length is

<br> <img src="" width="80%">

A U shaped tube has two arms of equal cross section and lengths cm and cm. The open ends are sealed with air in the tube at a pressure of 80 cm of mercury. Some mercury is now introduced in the tube through a stopcock connected at the bottom (the air is not allowed to leak out). In steady condition the length of mercury column in the shorter arm was found to be 10 cm. Find the length of the mercury column in the longer arm. Neglect the volume of the part of the tube connecting two arms and assume that the temperature is constant. <br><img src="" width="80%">
A glass tube open at both ends is immersed vertically in mercury in such a way that 13 cm length of the tube remains above the mercury surface. Now closing the upper end of the tube,it is raised through a further 35 cm. Determine the length of the air column above mercury in the closed tube. Atmospheric pressure =76 cmHg.
A glass tube sealed at both ends is 100cm long, It lies horizontally wth the middle 10cm containing mercury. The two eands of the tube contain air at and at a pressure 76cm of mercury. The air coumn on one side is maintained aot and the other side is maintained at . Calculate the length of the air column on hte cooler side. eglect the changes in the volume of mercury and of the glass.
A horizontal glass tube, sealed at both ends contains a column of mercury of length 10 cm at its middle. The two ends of the tube contain air at a pressure of 76 cmHg. IF the tube is held in a vertical position what will be the shift of the mercury column? Length of the capillary tube=100 cm.
An open glass tube is immersed in mercury in such a way that a lenth of 8cm extends above the mercury level. The open end of the tube is then closed and sealed and the tube is raised vertically up by additional 46cm. What will be length of the air column above mercury in the tube now? <br> (Atmosphere pressure =76cm of Hg)
A manometer is connected to gas container. Then the mercury level rises by 2 cm in the arm of the manometer which is not connected to the container. <br> If the atmospheric pressure is 76 cm of mercury, then the pressure of the gas is ________ cm of mercury.
A manometer tube contains mercury of density kg . What difference in the levels of mercury in the two arms is indicated by a gauge pressure of ?
A thin tube, sealed at both ends, is long. If lies horizontally, the middle containing mercury and the two equal containing air at stan-dard atmospheric pressure. If the tube is now turned to a verical position, by what amount will the mercury be displaced ?
A thin tube of uniform cross section is sealed at both ends. It lies horizontally, the middle 5cm containing mercury and the parts on its two sides containing air at the same pressure p. when the tube is held at and angle of with the vertical, the length of the air column above and belw the mercury pellet are 46cm and 44.5cm respectively. Calculate the ressure - in centimeters of mercury, The timperature of the system is kept at .
A mercury thread of length 10 cm is contained in the middle of a narrow horizontal tube of length 100 cm. and sealed at both the ends. The air in both halves of the tube is under a pressure of 76 cm of Hg, What distance will the mercury column move if the tube is placed vertically ? <br> <img src="" width="80%">
A tube of length h (which is wide enough so that surface tension effects can be neglected) filled with air at atmosphere pressure and closed at one end. Now tube is lowered in a tank of mercury to a depth h as shown. It is seen that mercury rises a distance x into the tube. If the mercury barometer also reads h, then <br> <img src="" width="80%">
A horizontal uniform glass tube of length is sealed at both ends contains mercury column in the middle , the temperature and pressure of air on either side of mercury column are repectively and of mercury, if the air column at one end is kept at and the other end at then pressure if air which is is <br> (in of )
A glass tube sealed at one end and containing a quantity of air is immersed in mercury until the sealed end is 10 cm from the surface of mercury. At the level of mercury in the tube is 5 cm above the level of mercury in the vessel. The length of the tube is 15 cm. To what temperature should the air in the tube be raised as to fill the tube completely? The atmospheric pressure is 75 cm of Hg. Neglect any change in the level of mercury in the vessel.
A column of mercury of 10cm length is contained in the middle of a narrow horizontal 1m long tube which is closed at both the ends. Both the halves of the tube contain air at a pressure of 76 cm of mercury. By what distance will the column of mercury be displaced if the tube is held vertically?
A barometer tube reads 75 cm of Hg. If tube is : gradually inclined at an angle of with horizontal, keeping the open end in the mercury container, then find the length of mercury column in the barometer ? tube

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