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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE MAINS

Suppose that angular velocity of rotation of earth is increased. Then, as a consequence :

Except at poles, weight of the object on the earth will decrease.

Weight of the object, everywhere on the earth, will decrease.

There will be no change in weight any where on the earth.

Weight of the object, everywhere on the earth, will decrease.

Answer :


The acceleration due to gravity at the latitude on the earth becomes zero if the angular velocity of rotation of the earth is
Many great rivers flow toward the equator. The sediments that they carry, increases the time of rotation of the earth about its own axis. <br> The angular momentum of the earth about its rotation axis is conserved.
if the earth is treated as a sphere of radius Radn mass M, Its angular momentum about the axis of its rotation with period T, is
Neglect the effect of rotation of the earth. Suppose the earth suddenly stops attracting objects placed near its surface. A paerson standing on the surface of the earth will
When a particle is projected from the surface of earth its mechanical energy and angular momentum about center of earth at all time are constant. <br> Q. A particle of mass is projected from the surface of earth with velocity at angle 0 with horizontal suppose be the maximum height of particle from surface of earth and v its speed at that point then v is
What woluld be the length of a day. If angular speed of earth is increased such that bodies typing on the equator by off?
Assertion : If the earth suddenly comtracts , the duration of day will decreases <br> Reason : The angular velocity of the earth's rotation will decrease
A solid body rotates about a stationary axis so that its angular velocity depends on the rotation angle as , where and a are positive constants. At the moment the angle . Find the time dependence of <br> (a) the rotation angle, <br> (b) the angular velocity.
Suppose the earth increases it speed of rotation. At what new time period will the weight of a body on the equator becomes zero ? (Take, and radius of earth R = 6400 km)
Suppose the earth increases its speed of rotation . At what new time period will the weightof a body on the equator becomes zero? Take and radius of the earth .
A satellite of mass is circulating around the earth with constant angular velocity. If the radius is and mass of earth is M, then the angular momentum about the centre of the earth is
A satellite is orbiting the earth of mass in equatorial plane in a circular orbit having radius and same sense of rotation as that of the Earth. Find duration of time for which a man standing on the equator will be able tosee the satellite continuously. Assume that the mans can see the satellite when it is above horizon. take Earth's angular velocity .
Suppose that the earth has a net charge that is not zero. Is it still possible to adapt the earth as a standard reference point if potential and assign the potental
Suppose there existed a planet that went around the sun twiche as fact as the earth. What would by its orbital size?
Statement-I : Angular velocity is a characteristic of the rigid body as a whole. <br> Statement-II : Angular velocity may be different for different particles of a rigid body about the axis of rotation.
Then moment of inertia of a rigid body depends on <br> (A) mass of body <br> (B) position of axis of rotation <br> (C) time period of its rotation <br> (D) angular velocity of the body
Assertion : Even when orbit of a satellite is elliptical, its plane of rotation passes through the centre of earth. <br> Reason: According to law of conservation of angular momentum plane of rotation of satellite always remin same.
A satellite is seen every over the equator. It is known that it roates opposite to that of earth's direction. Then, the angular velocity (in radius per hour) of satellite about the centre of earth will be
What should be the velocity of earth due to rotation about its own axis so that the weight at equator become 3/5 of initial value. Radius of earth on equator is 6400 km

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